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  • Somaliland presidential election underway

    Posted by on May 10, 2010

    HARGEISA (Sawnews) — Today at Egal International Airport the Chairman of the National Electoral Commission Mr. Esse Mohamed saw the delivery of the biometric cards for the Somaliland Presidential voting that is to take place in June 2010

    The National Electoral Commission and all three political parties have agreed the usage of biometric cards for the presidential voting rather than the traditional method of voting which used to be plastic laminated voting card that were not secured.

    Majority of Somaliland citizens support the usage of biometric voting card system, however there are those that are still questioning if using biometric cards will prevent an election fraud. These new cards were printed in South Africa by Face Technologies, a company that is well experience in this specialized field.

    During the unloading of the cargo Chairman Mr. Isse Mohamed told the press that starting May 10th distribution of the voting cards will begin in the capital Hargeisa and will continue for one week, followed by another week in the providences. “Once the distributions of the cards are completed than we get ready for the election says Mr. Isse”.

    Isse added a lot of errors were fixed in the current registration list including detecting and removing children, duplications and other abuses.



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