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  • We have no Place in Somali Communities unless…. By Mohamed Mousa

    Posted by on April 20, 2010

    Few months ago I wrote about the Websites run by some Gadaboursi individuals who enjoy the misinformation about the current situation of our people and chose personal attacks based on hate and mischaracterization and defamation. In that writing, I requested those Website masters publishing anything to do with mischaracterization, lies, personal attacks, and polarization of our people. Let me remind you of that writing once again so that those of you who haven’t read will have the chance to read again.

    “ Walaalayaal, Waxa had iyo jeer ku soo kordhaya shabakadihiina cay, xumaan farabadan iyo kala qaybin. Waxa ku badan dad is weeraraaya oo si xun oo dabar jabis ah isu caayaa. Xumaantaasi waxay ka timaada siyaasada bugta ee dhamaan Somaliland ka jirta.

    Walaalayaal, waa kuwa hogaanka u haya shabakadahaasi  e, waxan idiin soo godbinayaa codsigan gaaban ee haddii illahay laga helo wax ku qaata:

    Way jirtaa in Adal ay ku kala qaybsantahay siyaasad iyo qabyaaladba, hase yeeshe waxay Somalido ku mahmaadaa GACANTAADO  HADAY  GUBATO  GUSHAA LA GASHADAA.  Walaalayaal waa foolxumo haddii dad dan gaar lehi magaxumo idiin soo jiidaan, dadkana xumaan ku abuuraan. Kuwa xumaanta ka sheqeeyi yaanay idin adeegsan. Qoralka dadkaasi idiin soo dirayaani waxay noqdeen silsilad, iyo WAXAAD TIDHIBA LAGU YIHDI. Waxaa la isu caayayaana waa hebelbaan taageeraa iyo hebelbaad taageertaa, kaygaa kaa fiican iyo maahe e kaygaa fiican. Siyaasada waa lagu kala qaybtami karaa waana mid dadka aduunku isu tixgeliyaan. Qofku wuxuu doono ayuu aaminsanaan karaa, laakiin waa in si cilmiyasan loo gorfeeyaa xaajada danta guudna iyo walaaltinimada la ilaaliyaa. Kuwa iyagu si kale isu haysti ha is raadsadaan ee yaaney idin soo sudhan.

    Waxan idinka codsanayaa inaad Ku dhiiri gelisaan buslshada Siyaasdad qeexan iyo falanqayn nadiifa ah.  Walaalayaal,  iska diida in Shabakadihiinu noqdaan QASHIN QUB. Walayaal wax weynbaad u qabataan Adal ee tacabkiinu aanu noqon biyo col dhaashay. Iska ilaaliya wixii karaamadiina iyo sharaftiina wax udhimaaya. Haddii dad gaar ihi idin caayaan ha u jawaabina, kuwa kale ee caytamayana ha ku soo dhawaynina Shabakadihiina.” By Mousa

    It is absolutely clear for every one of us that being fair to oneself and to others is every one’s interest and a moral obligation for all of us. Instead of attacking each other and creating an atmosphere of suspicion among us, it is better to focus what is good for our community in general. We are competing in false accusations based on groundless ambitions and competition. We talk about the history of Gadaboursi and the fallen empire, but never try to mend the mistakes taken place since then.  We are divided more than ever and very few people recognise the seriousness of the situation. We need to discuss issues in civility and with respect and irrespective to where each one of us stands. If one chooses hell and you choose heaven, it is politics stupid! But do not despise others because they have a different option. In politics you can only win by your ballot and not by blaming and insulting others. On the other hand, tribal issues have been present in good will for generations. We have to balance our loyalty to the clan and the respect among us. Disrespecting others will only bring you a curse from GOD and from your friends and brothers.

    In debates among us, it is fair to say that sharing ideas, views, and vision are almost based on some cheap self interest. In any meeting, if invited, we can participate and voice our ideas without hurting others’ feelings. Meetings on Gadaboursi issues have to be inclusive and the facilitators and participants are expected to respect the views of everyone who would like to voice his/her point of view of the topic under discussion. We have to act like civilized people not hate others because of their different opinions. Every one of us has to be free of her/his views on any issue pertaining to our general welfare. It has nothing to do where you put your ballot paper. However, the general wellbeing of our community must be our priority and must be put before anything else.

    Many of us know that we are not up to the present challenges and the struggles for survival in the political squabble in Somaliland or in general Somalia. It needs every one of us should work towards searching our rightful place in Somalia. This can be achieved through creating a volunteer group who have no special interest in the disruptive tribal division among our people or a particular self interest and this has to be seen as an absolute necessity if we have to survive in the struggles ahead. Each one of us is aware of the importance of being recognized in the evolving history of Somalia. We are in a transitional period of tremendous challenges and it is very hard to go through the reformation of Somalia or as that matter in Somaliland. Today our weakness has put us in a position of helplessness. We are squeezed from all sides and are becoming a target because of our weakness. Other tribes see us unimportant minority in politics and they do not count us seriously in the division of power in Somalia. We are not a force in Somaliland and in Somalia and will never be one unless we are strong and at least united in one cause whether it is s symbolic leadership or an advocacy group. Our survival in the struggle depends on all of us.

    It has become a custom that we despise anyone who tries to bring some change in the way we think and approach of matters of concern. I have been in many conferences and none of them have been materialized earnestly. We need a commitment and seriousness and well thought agenda. We need volunteers, who believe in our survival and that our survival comes first. We need volunteers to lead us without any remorse and influence believing that our people cannot be safe without the struggle and sacrifice of some individuals who are determined to go forward. We need a committee of volunteers who are aware of the struggles ahead. We have to finance that committee through thick and thin and make them proud and give them the freedom to defend our cause. We have to be prepared to help them financially, politically, and morally. If we do that, we will have the opportunity to have a say in the political discussions ahead. The issue of success is of crucial importance before events become irreversible.

    In every majlis or home, our conversations are around on only thing: how can we overcome the great barrier of division, our failure, and our powerless state. We are all convinced that there is something to be done. We all know the way out. However, there is always a suspicion that something will go wrong if we do this or that. Starting a serious dialogue will not only make us strong as a community but it will make us stronger as people. It is spectacular to see us live in peace and in harmony with our neighbours but it is not reciprocated and instead we get the middle finger from all fronts. That is today’s reality. Instead of destroying ourselves by doing harm to each other, we have to wake up to the reality in the ground and grow out of the impasse of inaction and division to show our greatness to other communities. In this 20th century, no community survives without a strong political base or having an advocacy group loyal to their cause. I believe we can grow tall and achieve our goals if we become sensitive to our blight. I think as a community, we are the ones that can either make this happen or not.

    The blame of our failure is our Diaspora. We have found that the Somali Diaspora is a source of investment, funding, expertise, and confidence building measure of great importance. We only do part of that. Each one of us sends a meagre amount of funds but lacks a collective front to tackle the other issues. We need to set some agendas and policies in order to help each other and overcome our differences. We can always write and sing beautiful verses. We can forever talk about our greatness and hospitality, but these will never fill the vacuum in place unless we add some flavour to it.

    I would like to conclude my writing today by quoting a cry from Hassan Sheikh Momin, May God bless him:


     It is a serious call, isn’t it? We must do something or we will be the sick man of Somalia!!!!

    Mohamed Mousa


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