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  • Samaroon in the Horn of Africa Always Got the Wrong Reward for Doing the Right Thing!!

    Posted by on April 4, 2010

    This interesting topic is in the work by Musa Elmi (Joome) an academic and a career diplomat . The author decided to publish parts of his work and this website is pleased to be one of the selected websites for the release. The first part of this work will be available to our viewers starting next Sunday, April 9, 2010 and every following Sunday after that. The parts being released will briefly cover the following:

    –         Reasons that prompted the need for this work at this time

    –         The life of the people and how their land impacted their life

    –         Where did they stand in the 1960 Northern Somalia independence.

    –         Their Neutral position in the countrywide civil war and the reasons behind that stand, citing real life situations he physically attended.

    –         After the nation wide civil wars and their hard work on establishing peace in Northern Somalia.

    –         How this people planted the civic roots in Djibouti and how their brave men sacrificed their lives in liberating that country.

    –         The Harar ( Jigjiga) 1945 SYC, SYL parties and their significant role in confronting the Anglo/Ethiopian land expansionist conspiracies.


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