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  • 30 Adalite Intellectuals Can Do More Than What a Whole Nation Couldn’t Do it??

    Posted by on April 4, 2010

    “The thing always happens that you really believe in and the belief in a thing makes it happen”. -Frank Lloyd Wright 
    As I was reading one day the history of the formation of the Jewish state in the Palestinian land,little did I know that few people was about to change the world and can create real state or functioning power full country.
    Until I have read about the Jews, particularly their Herzl Theodor and his 299 men when they did the mysterious event in the history of this world at the time they gathered in the city of Basel in Switzerland in 1897 to discuss about the fate of their people and how to create a state that belongs to them ,named Israel in Palestine.
    Herzl it was him,the leader of the Jewish educators at that time who paved a way for the Jewish state in the Arab lands.
    what actually interested me in this part of their history is a question that will come to your mind straight away if we are thinking alike, a question that most of the world politicians and historians asked them selves once but still hasn’t met the right answer for it remains mystery, before I mention the question, let’s try to know what actually happened on that day and how they gathered ,where and how long?.
    Only 300 Jews intellectuals gathered In Basel ,Switzerland for three days in 29-Aug-1897 to 31-Aug-1897, in that day they created the so known Zionist Organization and once they done that he(Herzl their leader) spoke to his people and said:
    “If I were to sum up the Congress in a word – which I shall take care not to publish – it would be this: At Basel I founded the Jewish State. If I said this out loud today I would be greeted by universal laughter. In five years perhaps, and certainly in fifty years, everyone will perceive it”.
    To my surprise the day Israel was declared and formed was May 14, 1948 and if you subtract this date May,14,1948 from Aug,31,1897 you will get 51 years which is nearly 50 years as Herzl promised it to be. now I think you know the kind of question that I asked myself if you were with me if not this was the question that came into my mind;
    How on earth can a man pick a day for his dreams and realize it on the same day??
    This proves to be the testament of the things that you believe in, you can make it real as well,
    as Frank Lloyd Wright said ‘The thing always happens that you really believe in and the belief in a thing makes it happen”.
    having said that,this Minessota Convocation have now successfully opened despite so many opponents who we defeated them by using our pen but now it’s only up to Minnesota Tol delegates to be implement the fruits of their gathering and intelligence by believing in that this is their turn and time and that they can do it and will do it just like the 300 Jews done for the basis of what a man do another man can do.
    while also Some people say the Jews are among the most educated people on the planet likewise some of the Somali people say the Gadabursis are the most educated people in the Somalis so if 300 Jews was able to create their political organization with no problem ,why not 30 Adalite Muslim dedicated educators ??? I personally think this time we are going forward and something positive will come out of the meeting and our 30 intellectuals can do more than what a whole nation couldn’t do it and they will Insha Allah.
    M.Samaron Roble H


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