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    Posted by on April 2, 2010

    Your visit to your home town, Qulujeed, whatever the reason was, has come at the right time when you needed the most and not necessarily when your people needed you. However, I applaud your courage at this particular time in which your people have almost lost hope seeing you in person.

    I was so moved emotionally when you were describing your school, where your desk was in the class and your teacher at the time. I was equally emotional too when you met your people in Borama and visited Educational and health centres, and called on government and municipal employees. Hopefully, you have learned a lot about the people, their needs, and well being. As being the head of state and a son of Awal, your visit has never been too late.

    Having seen the need of the people, the lack of infrastructure, particularly the roads which have never been maintained since the British Colony, I believe you can imagine the magnitude of the pressing need in all services. Hopefully, this gives you ammunition to share the meagre resources of Somaliland among all provinces. I was one of the awdalites who were reluctant to criticize your insensitivity to our people and their needs and also wondering why your visit to your constituent was bias contrary to other provinces.

    Today, you have cleansed yourself from all prejudices and blames. It is a good start to do so. We all know that you represent all Somalilanders, however, there is no excuse to neglect your home base. No one will ever blame you to be in contact with your constituents. It is very common for a politician to visit his/her constituent once in a while and make them proud for being their leader and representative.

    Keep up that effort with wisdom and fairness and never falter. A job well done, Mr. President

    Mohamed Mousa


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