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  • Minnesota Tol Convocation Will Go Ahead Next Week And It Will Neither Be Fruitless Nor Collapse Just Because Specific Group Of People Is Missing

    Posted by on March 28, 2010

    All praise belongs to The One.

    I will start with my pen welcoming this upcoming historic Tol-convocation of the great Samaroons in the city of minnesota within the next few days that will happen to change and save the future of Adal generations in the short and the long term against uncertainty.

    The Majority of Adalites have long been waiting to see a day like this where all the different kinds of the Adal communities come together as a Tol to implant some concrete resolutions for  the community,and it is known to us that this kind of Convocation at this time of the century is really needed to pull us out clearly from the mishaps.

    it’s worth congratulating and praising the great elites and all the others of Adal who personally and collectively worked hard to make this meeting, unique and fruitful one with a long vision of how to help,to lead their nation towards one unity and one voice under one purpose for one large community.

    This mennisotta convention has great advantages even before it reached its time for it clarified for us who is against the Adal future and who is not by attracting a lot of butterflies, while the purpose of these butterflies is to steal the light,some of these are still flying aroud the light of the convocation trying to have the light for their own selves and some more  others are just floating around to block the view because they are too many, but guess what they are all still unable to convince us the opposite because we all know and say to those butterflies if there was no light in this convention for the community, you wouldn’t have come in the first place so please stop your cheap trick and treat for we are not in that time of the year.

    To those who said to be the initiatives of this great issue and now simply quit  the extraordinary support of their Adal community just because the hargaysa adminstration asked them to do so easily, is out of the notable Adal history and we say to them ” he who afraid of the leaves must not go into the forest” in the first place.

    Samaron Robleh Hassan


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