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  • Press Release: 7/11 Crime requires the urgent attention and intervention of Human Rights defenders

    Posted by on March 11, 2010

    7/11 is a sad day for all peace-loving people. On July 11, 2009 four highly respected Awdalians who were traveling on the highway between Hargeisa and Borama were murdered and their bodies mutilated savagely. It was a terrible political misadventure that was intended to create tensions and unleash vicious animosity between two neighboring communities. It was a premeditated murder, with deliberate intent to disrupt and undermine the peace and stability of the region, the only two achievements that Somaliland sells to the international community. Indeed, this is a gross violation of human rights that requires the urgent attention and intervention of all Human Rights Defenders. In essence, the perpetrators failed to achieve their primary goal of deadly civil strife because of the resiliency, political maturity, and peace-loving nature of the targeted communities. The perpetrators, however, succeeded in cutting short the promising lives of four innocent travelers, thus shattering the hopes, dreams and aspirations of victims’ families. The families of the victims are in bewilderment and still in shock. They are asking why their loved ones were murdered and why justice is not served to date. They just want justice and closure, not revenge.

    For eight months, all sectors of the government including the law enforcement agencies are conspicuously silent about this heinous crime and business is as usual in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland. The government is either unwilling to discharge its responsibility or too weak to execute its basic duties under the law of the state. They did not even bother to comment on recent reports about the arrest of two suspects in the 7/11 crime. The legislature is mired in division and inner power struggle that brought all their basic functions, and day to day work to a halt. The political parties are engaged in petty bickering and chose to use this unprecedented crime as a tool to advance their political agendas. This is, indeed, an abysmal failure on the part of all the three branches of Somaliland government.

    In Awdal and Salal regions, emotions are high, questions are being raised, closure is being sought, community is upset, and the victims’ families are still being condoled their tragic loss; while in Gabiley the perpetrators of 7/11 crime are being protected and shielded from apprehensions by the law enforcement authorities, in the name of a clan.

    We urge all Somaliladers, including the Gabiley community, to rise above the tribal arrogance that promotes internecine fighting and help not hinder the government in arresting the 7/11 criminals. Their cooperation with the authorities in this matter will certainly lead to good

    citizenry, success, peace and tranquility in the region as well as sound neighborly relationship among the communities.

    To our disappointment, the Human Rights Watch, which as we understand advocates, promotes and protects human rights did not heed to our earlier pleas for intervention and investigation of the 7/11 crime. We strongly believe that it is high time for all Human Rights organizations, both international and local, to give immediate attention to the plight of the victims’ families, and call for justice to be done without further delay.

    In the meantime, we would like to renew our call to remember the victims of 7/11 and to:

    1) Appeal for all Human Rights Defenders to intervene in the 7/11 case and demand justice to be served without further delay.

    2) Demand in no uncertain terms that all the culprits of this heinous crime be brought to justice immediately.

    3) Ask opposition parties to help the government in apprehending the criminals of the 7/11 massacre.

    4) Urge all the three branches of Somaliland government to take the necessary precautionary measures that will prevent recurrence of similar violence in future anywhere in Somaliland.


    Finally, in this moment of grieve, we remember and honor the lives of the four highly respected citizens whose lives were cut short by known criminals; and urge all peace- loving people to pray and pay their tribute to Ali Aw Omer Bare, Daud Hashi Jama, Mowlid Hassan Omer and Ali Mohamed Nur, the victims of 7/11 crime.


    Adal Resources and Development Assistance Association (ARDAA)

    Web: Contact E-mail:

    March 11, 2010

    ARDAA is non-profit, community based umbrella organization established in 2007 in North America to support socio-economic development projects in the Adal regions, coordinate resources and efforts through fundraising, training, capacity building, leadership development, public relations and advocacy.


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