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  • Dear Dr Tani please cure us all by:Cabdale Farah Sigad.

    Posted by on February 17, 2010

    I would like to invite Dr Tani to read an article written by someone who seems to be close to the people who are organizing the Minnesota conference, for the hope that the doctor will review his findings.

    But first, in his latest article entitled (Bad Players In Politics) Dr Tani the man many of us admire his views has made an effort to find a cure for Awdali’s pandemic disease which is known as “Anti & Pro Rayaale virus” however the doctor may be a subject to further investigation by neglecting some of his patients.

     In his research Dr Tani has concentrated particular group and area rather than tackling the outbreak of the disease, but I want the doctor to know although not every one from Quljeed and Boon is being infected by Rayaal’s virus, we accept his prescribed medicine in good faith.

    Nevertheless we urge the doctor to extend his voluntary generosity to other residents in Awdal, because while we the residents of Quljeed&Boon suffer mild symptoms of the established disease there are other residents in Awdal who are disturbingly developing vicious symptoms caused by the disease and if the doctor fails to give their share of the medicine the virus can not be eliminated.

    In my final words before I share the article that I have mentioned earlier, I would like to declare that Boon and Quljeed residents are free from the disease and they will solidly support Minnesota conference giving that no contaminated individualises will participate.

    Now as I promised at beginning I would like to share with Dr Tani and other readers an article written By Hussein Daahir Obsiye a man who advocates Minnesota conference in his own way.

    Dr Tani, please read it and tell us, how infected the author of the article is, and what necessary measure do the organizers of the conference need to take in order to protect the conference. —-. Cabdale Farah Sigad.



                                            (Here is the article)

    The misinterpreted brainstorming By: Hussein Dahir Obsiiye. Saylicipress

    February 07, 2010 By: adal Category: Opinion

    When some Gadabursi intellectuals in Minnesota brainstormed the imminent dangers facing the Gadabursi community, such as the land tension of both boarders, the uneven power sharing in Somalia and Somaliland , and the lack of common guidance towards life, they realized the enormity of the peril and concluded that it warrants an immediate in depth Gadabursi community dialogue.

    They called for a meeting to include more of the North America Diaspora for further brainstorming. Unfortunately, some of the members were bombarded with telephone calls from president Rayaale who mistakenly argued that the brainstorming would jeopardize his bid for the re-election.

    When one examines the source of Rayaal’s panic one would understand that the President was a victim of some sycophant spin-doctors, who, in order to get closer to him exaggerated the community brainstorming. They convinced him that the meeting was against him. That was utterly false, because, the brainstorming was in its infancy and was not intended to produce any final solutions to this huge problem. It was just a continuation of the same brainstorming with more minds to evaluate the case.

    But what is unexpectedly troublesome is the fact that some of the original members who envisioned the danger and heroically started the brainstorming were influenced by the call. After the call, they proposed to cancel the brainstorming or postpone it indefinely.

    Of all people, the original members should have known that any possible outcome of such brainstorming would take a very long time. They should have convinced the President that this brainstorming would not materialize anytime soon, and that it would not affect his bid for re-election; in fact, it would help his re-election.

    The whole idea of the brainstorming was to create a platform for a North America Diaspora general meeting whose outcome was supposed to be presented to the European and the Arabian Peninsula Diaspora, and finally to the Gadabursi community. The mission was to establish a permanent ongoing Gadabursi community dialogue. As one can calculate, the end result which would have been presented to the general Gadabursi population would have not been reached for another year or two. By that time, any elections would have been over.

    Evidently, someone fooled Rayaale and those of the Minnesota original members of the brainstorming section. I feel for them, for they were manipulated by sycophant spin doctors who intentionally misinterpreted the brainstorming.

    To make matters worst, Rayaale called the Makahiil members of the original committee and asked them to stop the brainstorming. And even though the targeted original committee members were aware of the negative, and clan oriented connotations of their actions, they proposed the cancellation or postponement of a Maxaad Casese lead brainstorming. That created mistrust, and uproar in the Minnesota Gadabursi community, because the targeted members were considered to be the pillars of Minnesota Gadabursi community. And to see them succumb to such clannish division of the Diaspora was an expected first for every one.

    The general Gadabursi community in Minnesota is in shock, and undoubtedly believes that the proposed interruption of the brainstorming is not from President Rayaal himself, but is the work of the enemies of the Gadabursi who instigated the entire drama. I personally support that believe, because, I recon that neither Rayaale, nor the targeted members are so myopic and naïve.

    In conclusion, I want every Gdabursi, who reads this piece, evaluate the brainstorming situation, make a decision, and present it to the Gadabursi community. If you support the continuation of the brainstorming, please support it financially, and send your donation to Abiib Hamud Jibril. If you disagree, please tell us the reason.

    By Hussein Daahir Obsiye—–End.


    I rest my case, but perhaps Dr Tani can tell us now where the danger that is facing the Minnesota conference is coming from.


    Cabdale Farah Sigad.


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