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  • The Target is the Issue of Discussion and not Mohamed Hassan

    Posted by on February 13, 2010

    For the last couple of weeks, I have been closely following the discussion of this topic.  My participation is triggered by Mr. Sigad who started his discussion with the Awdal rhetoric  and patriotism citing the braveries of our heros like Roble Afdeeb.  However, to any reader who followed this topic, Sigad miserabley missed the point.  It is a poor jugement and false assertion when he called all Mohmed’s critics as ‘ narrow-minded’.  He also tried to portray Mohamed’s critics as Kulmiye advocates but failed identify the his alleged kulmiye advocates and did not quote any reference to their work and statements. A quality writing is justified with evidence and facts and aims to cofince and attract readers.  It seems that he decided to defend his friend but did not prepare himself well for the job.  Without referential evidence to support his accusations, he ended up beating empty drums within contradicting statements and an illusive rhetorical talk. Most of the critics I have read about this subject were highly intelligent and they based their arguments with factual knowledge and supporting examples.  In fact, they were more interested in the issue and not the person and they addressed it directly from the platform that Mohamed has raised when he said that:

    –         The samaroon are at an advantage by being the head of Somaliland

    –         The Minnesota meeting organizers are from Kulmiye.

    In that case, he put himself in the target position and is the only one to blame. There is a Somali saying ‘ He who beats drums invittes critics’ ( Nin durmaan qaatay cilaaq dalbay).

    In his long argument, Sigad did not address the issue of discussion but tried to defend the drummer without concrete examples.  His ideas did not reflect the theme and did not try to confince the reader of anything. His argument, in this case, is out of topic and he did not use a reasonable platform in relation to the well defined issue.  He should have reviewed how other writers about the issue have made their points clear and based their arguments with evidence.

    In his recent article, Hussein Egeh briefly and brilliantly presented how Mohamed’s statements were not true. He proved how Samaroon is not the leader and said that they represent only 10% of the parliament.  He further explained that the parliament is the legislative body of any government and that they make laws that govern the country. This means that if the 10% samaroon members walk out of the parliament at any motion, that motion will go through without them. Even if the parliament decides that Awadal is a district of Hargeisa, that parlimaentary motion becomes legal without the representatives from Awdal. Does Mohamed understand even when I write my reasining in this big handwriting or does he still need further explanation about the meaning of leadership? Any one who is unable to see such elemenatry politics is either an opportunist or an ignorant.  Sigad called such a man  a prominent elite and that is an extreme flattery at the greatest magnitude. God bless, This lack of vision is completely alien to the Samaroon intellectuals who are well known as academic excellences and as brilliant thinkers.  Secondly, Hussein displayed that most Samaroon intellectuals don’t believe in the Somaliland tribal system and gave his reasning concrete examples.

    In another writing, a praiseworthy intellectual, Mr. Yabarag discussed how the Somaliland tribal administration ignored the Awdal people. He eloquenlty, described how the people are getting poorer while their representatives are getting richer and fatter at the expense of their people’s suffering. Yabarag came up with concrete examples on how the Hargeisa Adminitration has taken away everything from the people of Awdal. People with proper leaders should not leave in fear and in an extreme injustice and poverty. Our so-called leader couldn’t dare to catch butchers of our elite. Our hardworking people in the outside world are the only hope of our people at home. Yabarag cited examles of projects such as Iqra, Amoud University and Borama Hospital. That was the outocme of our constant meetings and infromation sharing. Yabarag elaborated how any Samaroon diaspora meeting was always benefitial for the neglected people of Awdal and how this meeting was not different.

    Any samaroon elite should understand the prevailing circumstances of Awdal today.  Their people are poor and jobless while all previleges and benetial institutions are moved to elsewhere. Their people are slaughtrered and the butchers are still freely mugging us in the public roads. Our precious lands are being sold to neighbouring countries.  Beware !!!  There are many of us who prefer to fill their belly at the expense of their people’s suffering.  The purpose of such writings and debate is to expose them and warn others. Debating on issues, sharpens minds, digs out the truth and highlights priorities. There is nothing wrong to point  finger at the wrong person and teach the ignorant.  There is a wide range of intellectual capacity between our people. Some are on the very top of the mountain and look into distant horizons, while others are deep down in the valley and see nothing beyond their feet. Mr. Sigad presented himself as a true member from the valley team but anyway he is trying to copy the steps of the other group.

    Hussein A Egeh


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