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  • Your vote is your fate

    Posted by on February 10, 2010

    No wonder why many people are not aware of the usefulness of their vote.

    Many people do not care who takes the power; but they do care who gives them money in return for their vote.

    Because of their recklessness in choice we might end up in a long lasting ruin.

    To me, as a 24 year old junior medical school in Amoud University, it occurs to me as which direction our country is heading to, since those who would decide as to who wins became like eat for living.                       

    It would be good enough, if people were like fair referees who determines by their whistling as a signal for GAME OVER.

    The suffering is no less also when people have favoritism based on tribalism and materialism.

    The ignition of this behavior could be traced back by the past mistakes made by the previous leaders.

    Yet to vote who can be helpful to our country, reduce the rampant unemployment, create jobs and revive the dead hopes of the past would be undoubtedly one chance in a million.

    One very worrisome to me is when I read the war of words that Somaliland politicians attack on the websites, newspapers; I feel that peace is threatened.

    Never the less it is good to argue over the issues as to how we can move one step forward and where we can go from here.

    Whatever the claims and counter-claims are, we, all Somalailanders, need a strong leadership: a leader who can be a pioneer enough for progress and unity. Who can be caring for his people sharing both agony and happiness?

    Who is thoughtful and honest?

    Who is pity to the frailty?

    Who is firm but fair?

    Who can be taken for granted at the times of hardship.

    Who has a word but never breaks.

    But the criteria are on and on, having in mind all those virtues about good leadership, who you will cast your secret ballot is going to shape the future of the time being.

    Similarly, time will tell what sort of legacy that the incumbent leaders are leaving behind.

    Surely, we all need to think twice before we cast our vote.

    Voting is one of the basic rights of all citizens have that they can voice their need to reach a CHANGE.

     In human life change is inevitable.

    In brief, your vote is your fate.


    From the mind of Aidrous Elmi Yousuf

    From Junior Medical student in Amoud University

    Contact No: 0025224129000



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