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  • Mr Mohamed Hassan Mataan Has Been Targeted by Awdali’s Usual Suspects.

    Posted by on February 10, 2010

     I would like to begin by praising and congratulating Minnesota folks and other health minded North American Awdalistes who are laying the foundation of the upcoming Awdalistes’ conference which expectantly will take place in Minnesota sometimes in this year. The possibility of this conference taking place carries significant message and it will encourage other Awdalistes to do the same. And no matter what some people may say or think but it is obviously clear to me and to many other outside observers from Awdal that at least in some part of this planet Awdalistes are beginning to reignite one part of their brain, a part which has loosened its fuse since the days of Roble Afdeeb the famous Awdal warrior. The importance of such critical thinking can not be all emphasise in writing but it is very important that we give chance to those people who are organizing the conference and I hope no kind of criticism will undermine the courage and resilient of those devoted Awdalites giving that they have no other motives. Having said that, the internal fight between good and evil over this particular issue seem to be diverted by some people who have other political aims, and the whole discussions seem to take another route which does not seem to serve for the purpose of the said issue. There is continuation of uproar inside Awdalistes particularly in the Diaspora community which was started after one of Awdal’s leading elites named Mohamed Hassan Mataan wrote a commentary piece about the said issue, which was published by, but later became the much talking issue for all Awdalistes Websites in particular those run by Kulmiye admires individuals . However reading some of the responds to Mahamed Hassan Matan’s commentary one may wish to pinch his /herself in order to understand what the fuss is all about, because it is hard to understand how the opinion of a man can generate such a intensive debate especially when the man involve does not even held an influential position. But then again the majority of the nit-pickers who are being troubled by Mr Matan’s opinion happen to be what I normally call the “Awdal’s Usual Suspects”. And as a matter of fact these usual suspects are narrow-minded individuals and I am sure some of them have responded to Mr Matan’s commentary without even reading through his article because if they had bothered to read it they would have probably realised that Mr Matan was only commenting the issue as an observer. We can all argue over Mr Matan’s motives and whether or not he was carrying meandering message from Mr Rayaale which is what many of Mr Matan’s critics seem to suggest but the responds and some of the language that have been used to describe Mr Matan’s character carry the hallmarks of those Kulmiye devotees in Awdal who already hold grouches against Mr Matan. The hatred inside the heart of some individual Awdalistes gone beyond the line of understanding and although they only represent themselves there is a danger that they may create mistrust amongst brotherly Awdalistes. And the first sign to look for those hate mongers is that they always take an advantage of every burning issue and any legitimate concerns that Awdalistes may have about any matter then they twist around these genuine concerns and they use them to win more support on behalf of their godfather who happen to be Mr Silaanyo the Kulmiy’s ailing leader. Furthermore these individualise never criticise or question the motives of their superiors in Kulmiye ranks, we never see any kulmiye’s fanatics from Awdal who ever tried to tackle or show any apprehension about Kulmiye’s policy towards Awdal. Coming back to Mr Matan’s matter, there are many things that I disagree with Mr Matan and I certainly disagree more strongly about his views of Somaliland being a state where we all share equal values, and I also disagree with him about his evaluation of Awdal’s position in Somaliland but I can never understand let alone agreeing with, how Kulmiye’s followers can accuse Mr Mahamed Hassan Mataan a traitor who’s planning a plot against Diaspora community when in fact their own Agent inside Kulmiye Mr saylici only recently accused the Awdal Diaspora community as an impotent and bunch of irrelevant group. Mr Saylici gone much further and made appalling comments in order to undermine the ability of Awdalis’ Diaspora community than whatever Mohamed Hassan Matan has been accused for, but again maybe those people who are now seem to be distressed by Mr Matan’s comments would tell us what they thought about Mr Saylic’s famous comment. There are certainly some sincere people who protested and question Mr Mataan’s motives but much of the hues and cries have been generated by the hypocrites of Kulmiy’s cockroaches who suddenly have burst out of their hiding places In conclusion there are multiple fighting styles that Kulmiye supporters use to attract more supporters but I don’t think that their latest tactics will work because we all now the only thing that they have ever cared is how to create a division within Awdal communities, and if there is a danger to the upcoming Minnesota conference it will probably come from those Usual Suspects. Cabdale Farah Sigad


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