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  • Press Release: A Word of Appreciation to Amoud Foundation

    Posted by on January 25, 2010

    ARDAA is a non-profit, community-based umbrella organization established in 2007 in North America to support socio-economic development projects in the Adal regions, coordinate resources and efforts through fundraising, training, capacity building, leadership development, public relations and advocacy.

    ARDAA congratulates the Board of Directors, volunteers, donors and the other stakeholders of Amoud Foundation for the establishment of Al-Hayatt Hospital in Borama. This remarkable achievement is the result of hardworking group of individuals from Amoud Foundation with a vision for development, philanthropy, and nurturing of human capital. Al-Hayatt Hospital, which is a state-of-the art facility, will provide modern health care services to the communities not only in Somaliland but in the entire Horn of Africa. It will also be a teaching hospital with the capacity to engage in research and development in tropical diseases under the auspices and sound management of the Faculty of Medicine at Amoud University.

    “This is another milestone project delivered by a competent and caring sister organization, Amoud Foundation, to the community we hail from”, said Ibrahim Absiye, President of ARDAA. “Al-Hayatt Hospital, operated by Amoud University, is a dream come true, and on behalf of the entire ARDAA family, I congratulate the Board of Directors of Amoud Foundation for this first-of-its kind institution in the region, and thank them for a job well done”, Mr. Absiye added.

    “Amoud Foundation leadership has done it again by constructing one of the best health care institutions in Somaliland, Al-Hayatt Hospital, and transferring its management to the best   medical faculties in the country, Amoud University and staffed by doctors from the Adal community”, said Mahamud Abdillahi Iman (Qame), ARDAA Vice President for Social Planning and Development. Mahamud praised the role of the local doctors and the leadership of the university. “We are proud of the ability and capacity of our physicians as well as the wise and responsible leadership of the faculty of medicine and the whole university staff. This combination will ensure the success of the hospital and serve the community using modern technology and very well trained hands, graduates of Amoud University”, Qame explained.

    We, at ARDAA, would like to encourage Amoud Foundation and Amoud University to continue their leadership and strategic investments in our community. We congratulate them for this noble achievement and look forward to working with both institutions for the betterment of the community.

    ARDAA Public Relations and Communications Committee

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