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  • Dahir Rayale is not Changing His Monkey Business

    Posted by on January 18, 2010

    There is an English proverb and it says  “ You can lie to some people for some time but you can not lie to all the people all the time”. In the last few months, Rayale is stumbling one block over another in his own people. He is not learning from his mistakes but making things worse for himself day after day. He tried to discredit the elite and true leaders of the people and the people stood shoulder to shoulder with their Suldans. He then, shamelessly, tried to jail their well-respected dignitaries to silence them and that did not work because of the people’s consistent protests. Dahir’s latest plunder is that he tried to ally himself with Suldan Saleman and use him against the other Suldans. This man is known as Satan Saleman and his history in Ethiopia is well-known. Rayale’s alliance with Satan Saleman calls for a simple mathematical logic:  if A is equal to B and B is equal to C, then A is equal to C.  In other words, if Saleman is equal to Satan and Rayale is an ally of Saleman, then Rayale is a Satan. I don’t think this blind and stumbling Rayale understands anything other than his baby steps and monkey tricks.

    For sometime now, the people of Awdal and their elders were consistently protesting against unfair treatment by the Somaliland tribal administration.  All the Samaroon suldans, side by side, stood up for the plight of their people and country. External forces from Hargeisa tried to bribe them, divide them and silence them. They told everyone that they are one and no one can divide them in any way. On January 9, members from different tribes, the youth and women voiced their strong support for the suldans. In the fight one suldan,  Satan Salman, was missing and everybody knew he was not there. The funny thing is that every body knew why he was away and what he was waiting for. I and my friend were among those who talked about Suldan Saleman. Believe me, it is a true story and our conversation was as follows on the January 12 at about six in the evening.

    My friend: All other major prominent suldans are on the scene. Where is Suldan Saleman? Didn’t he change old his old Ethiopian spy monkey business?

    I said:  That man works for his belly and is trying to make money of the issue

    My Friend:  You are right. He is waiting for the money coming. He will be used against the other Suldans.

    I said : This will be a bad timing for the people he says he represents.  He will speak against every body when he gets the money. He doesn’t care about his people’s situation and even if the world is collapsing. He could sell all of them if he gets the opportunity.

    My Friend: Did you hear what he did to Hussein Migane and his shop in Dilla, this man was a Ethiopian Hit man he used to use his gang members against anyone who cames against his way. Hussein was nice man and but this man (Saleman) doesn’t like him, any how he burned his shop into the ashes, it was well-known incident in Dilla.

    I said : I heard about many other things about his pass.

    My friend: This man, Rayale is fool. Doesn’t he know that every body sees his silly tactics?

    I said: A fool is a fool. He thinks that all people think like him. A fool is foolish thinker and does silly things.

    My Friend: He tries to use Egal’s tactics but Egal never did silly things like what this man does?

    I said: Egal knew that people have mind and they think. He knew what will work for him and what will not work. He never did silly things like this. Egal also worked closely with the leaders of the tribes because this is a tribal administration.

    This conversation between me and my friend was a prediction of what happened on January 13. That opportunist got the money he wanted and spoke against all the dignitaries. Never mind, his words mean nothing because he is nothing. I have great respect for the people he claims but he shares nothing of their qualities. They are tough and courageous people who are going through a difficult time. Anyway, he doesn’t care about the alienation of his people. He only takes care of his belly.

    Final call for Rayale, Wake up. No more tricks will work. Nowhere to hide and all the sun’s rays are projected on your picture on the screen. The people are not fools but you proved to be the greatest fool in recent memories.

    Hussein A Ege


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