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    Posted by on January 10, 2010

    The streets of Borama city are teaming with healthy and well-educated young people. Sadly, they finish their day by clinging their hands on their cheeks, in long deep thoughts in dusty front yards of small teashops. They worked hard in their studies for better future but now they see no light at the end of the tunnel. Many of them prefer to die in adventures while traveling in unknown seas in search for refuge in anywhere else other than this endless dark hole.

    Ironically, Borama is the home-town of the leader of the junta that runs country’s administration. This leader and his wife have bought the houses and the farms of many young people whose families could not afford the expenses of the boating adventure. Many of the jobless youth are asking their parents to sell their properties in the same way in order to follow the foot-steps of their gone friends. However, many parents are reluctant to sell their homes or farms to those heartless couple for cheap prizes. The couple has no respect for any one and they now own almost one fifth of the area properties. They don’t care about the plight of the poverty in the community but their main ambition to fill their big bellies. They are even selling large parts of public lands and historic Islands into private hands in secret deals in collaboration with foreign international spy agencies disguised as business enterprises. Very recently, the leader has forcefully and shamelessly turned away the people’s elders from visiting the sold lands. Overwhelmed by his greed, he doesn’t reason that these leaders represent the people who put him in power.  Anyway, there is no wonder as greed and love of power is always the downfall of any African leader and he is not different. This shameless python should understand that we are ready to put our elders high enough on top of our heads and are also ready to squeeze him and his big belly under our feet. The young jobless men and women will be happy to paint your properties with the right slogan, Macaashkii iibka Awdal,. They will make sure that you should not get away with the sales of their land.

    There comes moments in life when what is grudgingly tolerated becomes intolerable any more. The life of the Awdal people has justifiably approached a tipping point and they are sick to the stomach of being abused. Your heartless actions and intentions have touched everyone and you are recorded as a traitor in the history of Awdal. The people’s fury is provoked and they are ready to move your world upside down. I don’t think either you or your wife is thinking of fastening your seat belts for departure. In that case, it is certain that you will be crushed under the feet of the marching masses while you are still busy in trying to secure more secret land sales and poor people’s property confiscations.

    Hussein A Ege


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