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  • Support Your Brave Awdal Sultans Both Financially and Morally

    Posted by on January 9, 2010

    The three Awdal Sultans of Sultan C/Raxmaan Jaamac Dhawal, Sultan Ibrahim Jaamac Samatar, and Sultan Baade Xasan Xaddi, were simply executing their entrusted duties when they questioned some dubious activities and covert engagements in the region. They were merely protecting the Gadabursi interest.  Evidently, they were forced to speak out because most of the Gadabursi were cowardly silent about such despicable occurrences.  Those brave Sultans challenged the public, raised Awdal/Selsel’s awareness on the indignant issues, and demanded answers. Unfortunately, even though the grotesqueness of the situation warranted the complete support of the Sultans, some obsequious spin doctors tried to use clan oriented scare tactics to dissuade the public but failed. They failed because, the issue at hand was never, and could never have been, an opposition move against President Rayaale and his government; the issue was larger than any single individual or sub-clan; it was, and still is, a collective Gadabursi issue. The Sultans were simply motivated by the following two reasons:

    1. They have a vision in their minds of powerful, peaceful, and prosperous Awdal/Selsel.  They see that picture in their minds’ eye every time that they are alone or attempt to sleep. They want to eventually achieve that vision for the Gadabursi community.
    2. They know that they are the three most powerful Sultans in Awdal/Selsel. In fact, they represent over 80 percent (80%) of the Gadabursi population, and they are confident that anyone who tries to come against them will fail miserably.

    Let me give you some facts about the depth of leadership history these Sultans inherited from their fathers and grandfathers, so that you can understand the forces that constantly push and drive these leaders to strive for the attainability of a Powerful, Peaceful, and Prosperous Gadabursi Nation.

    Sultan Ibrahim Jamaac Samatar

    Sultan Samatar does not need any introduction. Every Gadabursi knows the Samatar family, not because of the family’s highly respected and internationally recognized professors, but because of the Samatar family’s continual struggle for the Gadabursi affairs. Professor Axmad Ismaaciil Samatar chairs Gadabursi Leadership meetings here in Minneapolis, MN, USA, every Sunday afternoon. In fact, grandfather Samatar was the man who put the city of Gabiley on the map.

    Sultan C/raxman Jamaac Dhawal

    Those of us who grew up in Borama attest to the great leadership of Dhawal family. As a matter of fact, one of the Dhawals was my classmate in Borama. Dhawal is well respected in the community, and his unyielding performance takes him to the front of the crowd.

    Sultan  Baade Xasan Xaddi

    Sultan Baade inherited the responsibility from his uncle Muxumad Xirsi Khyre who was throned by the British, during Somaliland Protectorate, as the Gadabursi Chief Local Authority. Muxumad inherited the title from his father long before any living Gadabursi was born. Like, the Samatars, Baade’s family were the Gadabursi care-takers for generations.

    Evidently, as one analyses the combined history, experience, and wisdom of these powerful individuals, one is dwarfed by the immenseness of their leadership. And any Gadabursi, who can not sense the leaders’ visualized Gadabursi mission, and doubts their real motive, is either a traitor, or myopic. I do not have any respect for any of these behavior traits.

    A call for the Diaspora’s response

    These sultans did their part and accomplished their task, and we tell them “Thank you for job well done.”  Now, it is the Diaspora’s turn. Can we reciprocate the Pride?

    Fortunately, they need only two items.

    1. Money to complete all the unfinished business.
    2. Overwhelming moral support either by writing, calling, or just talking at the tea shops about their deep understanding of the Gadabursi dilemma.

    I have faith in us. We the Diaspora can reciprocate the PRIDE. I am challenging every Gadabursi individual, ARDAA, and any other organization that interests the overall Awdal wellbeing to donate any amount that they can afford very, very soon.

    Support the leaders financially so they can stand tall and dare again and again. You will be amazed at what these three individuals can accomplish when they put their minds together.

    Send your donation yourself today, or collect it with friends and send it as team before the end of January.


    If you believe in the leasers’ mission, please spread the word, “Empower them, and send them money today.”

    Talk is cheap, but money talks.

    Hussein D Obsiye


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