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  • Respond to: Reaction to the So Called Samaron Leadership Conference in Minneapolis , Minnesota ( USA )

    Posted by on January 7, 2010

    My New Year resolution was to stop writing about Awdal and Awdalites but here I am again less than a week in to the New Year typing these words in respond to insincere comment which presumably came from another fellow Awdalist.People can have different opinion about everything and we can disagree where we don’t agree but everyone need to have the

    intelligence to explain what their motives or understandings are, about the message they are trying to get across, and that is, what is missing about the article I am responding to.

    And I am responding to Mr Mohamed Abdi Ali’s short article which was published by not only I disagree his views but I also failed to understand what he is trying to achieve.

    I don not have all the fact about the Samaron leadership conference that suppose to infuriate Mr Mohamed Abdi Ali, however what  I do not understand is how anyone from Awdal who knows the state that his people are in today  would even contemplate to oppose any group of people who are trying to represent Awdal’s political affairs.

    The author of the article I am responding to wrote (Quote). H.E Dahir happens to be the current President of Somaliland and he won by election so we are leading a whole nation who constitutes the former British Somaliland Protectorate which got its independence on 26 June 1960.)

    Well: Perhaps Mr Mohamed should asked Rayaale whether he agrees with him or not but the majority of Awdalites know where President Rayaale stands about this particular issue and Mr Rayaale himself time and again told us he does not represent the interest of any particular region but the whole country, and I for one do not disagree with Mr Rayaale on this matter since he held the Somaliland Presidency but Mr Mohamed who thinks he is defending the president’s  position seem to combine Rayaale’s Presidency and Awdali’s interest and I think he is the one who’s disagreeing with the president’s view.

    One thing I agree with Mr Mohamed is that Mr Rayaale won his presidency by election but then againonly Rayaale won his election and is only him who is so far benefiting from his presidency. So where is, that leaves the rest of Awdalites if we lead ourselves to believe that we share the responsibility with president.


    In conclusion, as for many other Awdalites I believe any group of people who have the stomach to create or to participate any Awdal base political party should get all the encouragement and the support they seek for, and for me even if they all happen to be the people I disagree most about any other issue I will most definitely support any group that wish to represent Awdal and I urge people like Mohamed Abdi Ali to do the same

    Abdale Farah Sigad


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