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    Posted by on January 6, 2010

    RE: Samaroon Leadership Conference

    First of all I would like to congratulate those who are working for the unity and cooperation of Samaroon. This conference is a long overdue process and it is not too late to grow the seeds of that process. I would like to applaud the courageous individuals who came together and thought wisely of Samaroon’s place in the evolving Somali History. If this conference is successful and bear fruits, it will guarantee our place in history in all walks of life. It will be appreciated by all Samaroon people who think that our rich history is almost about to die and  if some heroic and sacrificial actions by wise and brave people are not taken place very soon, the Samaroon intellectuals and educators inside and outside our region will be remembered as failures and will have no respect among Somali people.

    Secondly, I would like to remind Samroon people who think otherwise to stop the fear of the unknown. We as a people are masters of our fate and captains of our souls. To those of us who are fidgeting and creating a preconceived notion that the Conference Leadership is bias and wrong and having an agenda, are I think have a responsibility for their actions and determination of the course of their life. To think that the people who initiated the conference have an agenda of their own is I think far from the truth. To think that those people are a threat to our present politicians is itself a threat to our existence as people among Somalis.

    Finally, I believe the conference will inspire many of us who lost hope of seeing Samaroon united. Breakthroughs are created when people live up to their commitments rather than out of their feelings, thoughts, and attitudes. We do not have to escape the reality of our being and brood on a false dream. I am one of the Samaroon people who would like see Samaroon united under one community and under one leadership but still suspect the intentions of any person who thinks unity can be possible. However, I believe we do not have to stick a destiny that is built for us but we can create our own destiny.

    The Conference sounds great and I am looking forward to it.

    Mohamed Ali



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