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  • Dahir Rayale is a tail wagging little dog on the lap of another leader. Part II

    Posted by on January 1, 2010


    A senior maid, in hasty steps, dashes out from the house and hands a telephone to the boss. She said,  “ It is from Hargeysa, the Minister of Tourism for Somaliland”.  Bowing her head for respect, she carefully takes the little puppy from her master. She steps back slowly, pats the puppy along the back, whispers to his ears in promise for good dinner and disappears into the house. The boss relaxes a little and puts the phone on his ear. The wife listens to her husband who is engaged in a long and a serious discussion.  It must be a subject of special interest.

    The master: putting the down the phone and turns to his wife. I assume you heard

    some of what we were saying.  It is Abdirasaq and he is asking me for

    few more things that Rayale’s wife has requested.  The Bank,… money transfers, to her in Paris …..and also some deposits. The new man in the bank did not understand how we deal with this people.

    Wife: Hmmmm… I understand, Jama is away and he did not explain anything to the poor new man who replaced him.

    Master: A person so close to Jama should have worked with this people before but it seems that he needs some clarification. Any way, try to reach Jama later in the evening so that he can clear out things early in the morning.

    Wife: last time, he was telling me there were some large deposits into this account.

    Did you know that?

    Master: That was a little touchy issue and I tried to avoid any intrusion.

    Wife: What do you mean?  Why is it touchy?

    Master: I understand this large money their gains from the Saadadin Islands

    and the issue is partly connected to our recently given province, Salal.

    Wife: Yeeeh…mmmm. I see. Naming the province was part of the cover up of the sale. I see the whole thing a mess and a bad strategy.

    Master: How do you see?

    Wife: first of all, this Salal story seems a fiction and a distant dream because nobody can take somebody else’s land. Remember what the Daroods did. They tried to uproot the whole population of Somaliland. In 1982, my nephew who lived in Arabsiyo always discussed how many Suldan Daarods from Ethiopia lived in spacious houses in little towns. The government planted thousand of Generals and suldans in Mogadisho and everywhere in refugee disguise. They only created mistrust with the other Somali communities and were finally chased away.

    Master: You are right. I myself  see it that way. It seems that we are over ambitious. This Fool is also creating troubles only to satisfy his greed. Look …now, none is happy. The man who bought Saadadiin is extremely worried, the Awdal people are sick to the stomach and there is mistrust between the people. For centuries they lived peacefully together and in recent years they shared any government administration.

    Wife: This will never work and we will take the guilt of the consequences and tribal conflicts.

    Master: I already feel the guilt. I am confused.

    The next part of this conversation will continue here at on next Friday

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