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  • Dahir Rayale is a tail wagging little dog on the lap of another leader. Part 1

    Posted by on December 28, 2009

    It seems as though you are watching one of Latin American drug lords having a nice evening in the balcony of his fortress surrounded by well-armed security guards. His wife is by his side and a little puppy has joyfully jumped onto his lap. Through his dark glasses and with an extraordinary confusion and uncertainty, the boss takes a deep breath roaming his eyes around the high barbed fences and into the distant big gates. He is not in Latin America but he is the ruler of a very tiny state in the Horn of Africa. For the last decade, he has built a dynasty, as that of Queen Elizabeth of England, around himself. The wealth he has accumulated is ten times the value of his whole country. His only remaining  ambition is to expand his influence in the eastern border of his little state. A new little puppy is extremely happy on the lap of the boss and it wages its tail and dangles its tongue out for more air to breathe. It is from a colder climate and that is why it feels hot in the new home. The boss, from time to time, gently rubs the dog’s head to boost its comfort and obedience. The little puppy looks up at its owner playfully and kisses his cheeks to reaffirm commitment and faithfulness.

    The boss whispers in the ears of his wife: we bought a nice puppy. Isn’t it?

    Wife: Yes. It is cheap, too.

    Master: Why did it take us decades to find such an obedient dog, like this one, from our neighbor?

    Wife:  They did not need us before this time.

    Master: Yeeeh…they are badly need to use some of our facilities. Does this mean that we are taking advantage of a brother in need?

    Wife:  That is right. We are taking advantage of the situation, not them. Everybody is taking advantage of the Somalis and picking whatever they get from their shattered pieces.  Why can’t we do the same as everyone else?

    Master: Aren’t we different from others such as Ethiopia and Kenya. They saw us as their brothers.

    Wife: It is not the first time. Brothers are not all angels. Sometimes, they cheat other and rob each other if they find it easy.

    Master: But they helped us when we were weak. Isn’t it immoral?

    Wife: In this present world, nobody cares about morals and values. Look at what the Americans are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan. What about the destruction of Palestine by Israel?

    Master: You are right but our brother’s situation is a little different and we are their closest support. People will definitely see us as opportunists and history will not forgive us.

    Wife: That is right but if you care about what the people say, we did many other silly things already and they said everything to us. It did not have any effect on us.

    Master: Any way, I feel guilty.

    Wife: I feel guilty too but have to grasp the opportunity. We were waiting for decades. We may never see a nice little faithful puppy like this one.

    The next episode of this conversation will continue  on the coming Friday

    Hussein Adan Cige


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