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  • President Rayaale is becoming Awdal’s runaway boy

    Posted by on December 22, 2009

    When you really want to speak out, but you know you shouldn’t, it is better to bite your tongue and be silent, and at least that is how I have felt for the last few months for president Rayal’s actions against Awdal. But now even though I am not ready to support his opponents I am prepare to share my disagreement with the readers.  

    My human nature as anyone on this planet makes me feel that I have a duty to support President Rayaale because he is from the region that I call home. And for that reason I felt that I have an obligation to support him but I also have a duty to criticize him when he is in a wrong. So that is why I decided to speak out against President Rayaal’s egotism today.  

    In fact as many other Awdalites my grievances and disappointments with the president are not completely different from the reasons that made me to support him in the first place. And one which was fundamentally important in my support for president Rayaale was the hope of fairness that does not seem to reach beyond Hargeis’s neighbourhood, furthermore I thought if Somaliland reached the stage in which Awdal can hold the presidency it would only be the matter of time when other inequalities and injustices to be undone.       

    However it seems that Rayaal’s presidency became a one man’s mission and he took the nation to an alternative direction to the one which many people were expecting him to take.  

    Seemingly in his mind president Rayaale thinks if he ignores some and pleases others no matter how injustice that would be then it will bring success for his future presidential candidacy. But Mr Rayaale failed to contemplate the consequences that his actions may bring for the country in the long-term.  

    I may sound like someone who changed his mind about supporting the president after all this is the man I once called (Prophet of Democracy :Awdalnews) but is not me who lost interest about the president but it is the president who changed the course by chosen to ignore the fact that Somaliland needs a lasting egalitarianism rather than clan supremacy and favouritism. And speaking of favouritism, he empowered those clans whom he thinks are important to his presidency and he denies the rights of those he sees less relevant to his presidency.  

    Speaking Awdali’s point of view Awdal is one region that Mr.Rayaale uses when he needs but dumps when he doesn’t. And one of his ghastly decisions which many foolish Awalistes applauded in the beginning but feel disappointed now was the creation of the so call Selel district which it’s purposes were obvious to anyone who bother to exam it harder when it first came to light.   

    It was obvious at the time the only reason President Rayaale was dividing Awdal was to please Ismail Omar Gele who doesn’t give damn about Somaliland but love to use Mr Rayaal’s political vulnerability and Mr Rayaale did please him by appointed Ismail Omar Gele’s agent as a governor to a place where all Awdalistes see as their fatherland.  

    More idiotically Mr Rayale now seems to sell his self cheap to Ismail Omar Gele by giving him the ownership of our land, and we are in a point where some of our important Suldans can not move freely in their own land.  

    This is a president who seems to forget why and how he came to where he is today and what is left about Awdal and its people need to remind him before it is too late that he cam to Awdal with nothing, and we should all protest against his outrageous treatment towards Awdal and Awdalites. .  

    Mr Rayaale seems to be out of touch from the reality and he deserves to face a severe resistance within Awdal community with the rest of Somaliland communities and for an obvious reason this should be make or break time for Awdalistes.  

    We should draw a line in the sand for Mr Rayaale and other politicians in Hargeisa.  

    We AWDALITES are sleep walking in to a dangerous territory and whether you support Rayaale or go against him, this run Away boy is endangering our basic existence.  

    So I call for resistance by any means   

    In conclusion I wrote these small words to express my feelings about the new Rayaale  

     In a drizzling winter day   

    A poor boy came to Awdal  

    He was unknown to the locals  

    But with their natural generosity  

    Awdalistes took him in  

    They gave him a shelter  

    And they welcome him without  A condition.  

    He became one of them  

    They trust him like a son  

    The poor boy received wealthy  

    The locals gave him a name  

    They call him Mr. Rayaale  

    He became a famous.   

    His lucky expanded  

    They crowned him like king   

    They introduce him to the world  

    He asked more power   

    They gave him what they had. (Support)  

    Here he goes on to the world stage  

    He walks on a red carpet  

    He gets salutation from the republican guards  

    But gone the days he needed Awdal  

    So he decided to sell its soil.  

    The poor unknowing boy  

    Who we trusted him so much Has runaway from usAnd has no ears to listen our grievances Nor he has eyes to see our suffering.So brothers and sisters it is high timeFor a justice if we ever care.  

    Cabdale Farag Sigad  



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