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  • Enough is Enough-Dahir Rayale

    Posted by on December 22, 2009

    The people of Awdal have been patient for a long time and is time to rise and fight against injustices, humiliations and the intolerable and constant demeaning. The Awdal people are hard-working, honest and sophisticated people who has always think twice before taking actions. They are unlike the other Somali nomads who act on emotions and impulses. However, it is obvious that ignorant, illiterate Dahir Rayle and his hunch men did miscalculations and tested the people’s patience to the zero limit.
    Firstly, all agencies and important administrative institutions are removed from Awdal and that created a  large unemployment. Today, in Borama alone, tens of thousands of well-educated young people are in the streets. These young men and women worked hard and completed their studies in different fields. They are often jailed when they protest or ask for better conditions. The business people have to wait everything from Berbera when there are other possible routes.
    Secondly, members of the people’s elite were very recently slaughtered in cold blood and Dhair Rayale could not dare to even send condolences to his people. The butchers are still being covered by their own people and Rayale works as though nothing has happened. What an immoral and stupid mentality for a so-called president of a nation.
    Thirdly, Rayale has exchanged Samaroon land for a passport. This last incident shows how cheap this man and his wife are. The Djibouti president has studied them carefully and  blackmailed accordingly. He found them that they needed two important issues: (1) A bank account where they can hide their rip-off money (2) Passport for insecure family. Every Somaliland woman and man knows that Zeila and surroundings was not an Issa land. It is a Samaroon land in history and in today. The Issa administration in Djibouti had long dreams of finding backyard for their hot Island of Djibouti. Many different tactical projects and plans were presented by Djibouti to the existed Somali governments but were all rejected. Today, Rayale and his greedy and insane wife are trying to sell Samaroon lands piece by piece. They don’t care about the future of their people’s children. They think only about the future of their children.
    Final advice to you and your henchmen(Awdal governors)  in Awdal. Many African dictators, who were stronger than you, were chased away. where is Mengistu and where is Siyad Barre?. Come back your to sense before it is too late. the rip-off money did not help those dictators and so it wont help your family.

    Abdikarim A. Osman


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