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    Posted by on November 17, 2009

    clip_image002DUBAI—The Adal Community in the UAE have overwhelmingly supported the formation of a Chapter of ARDAA in the UAE. In a meeting held in a hotel in Dubai on Friday November 13, 2009, more than 50 people who came from all regions of the UAE and had welcomed the establishment of

     ARDAA. This will be the first representation of ARDAA in the Middle East. At the outset Mr. Omar Ibrahim Kamil, famously known as Omar Dubai, a veteran Adalite in Dubai, had given a rousing speech in which he spoke about the importance of cooperation and the need to help the people back home. He was given a warm applause when came to the conclusion of his speech with the words: “Bixi way ku soo geliye, ha bixinin ku soo gelimaysee.” Dubai (UAE) ARDAA Chapter General Meeting Abdirahman Obsiye, an ARDAA Board Member, gave a briefing to the audience on the history of ARDAA, its constitution and structure and its programs which cover economic, social and cultural projects. Dubai (UAE) ARDAA Chapter General Meeting Among the other notable speakers was Adan Jama Hoori, a former Deputy Minister, who cited the urgent need for infrastructural development, stressing the significance of ARDAA in playing a major role in raising awareness and resources for the improvement of the infrastructure of Adal Regions. Omar Adan Liban, who organized the meeting along with Saeed Ibrahim Iman also briefed the meeting on the procedures and requirements needed for the official registration of the chapter in Dubai. Dubai (UAE) ARDAA Chapter General Meeting Other speakers included Mahmoud Hassan Saad, Omar Ahmed Barre and Dr. Saad Awale who all emphasized the importance of the leadership role of ARDAA in uniting the scattered efforts and resources of the people and giving them a purposeful direction and transparent management. The meeting was concluded with the election of 11-member committee which will be the administration of ARDAA Chapter in the UAE. The first task of the committee will be to elect four executive members and to start the needed paperwork for the official formation of the chapter in coordination with the President and Board of ARDAA. The participants have pledged the funds needed for the registration of the office. clip_image002

    Dubai (UAE) ARDAA Chapter General Meeting Speakers As one of its first community tasks, the chapter raised US$1000 needed for the release of an Adalite woman who was in police custody for an immigration issue. The meeting was a follow up of a preparatory one held on November 6, and hosted by Omar Adan Liban. Dubai ARDAA Chapter General Meeting The elected Chapter Committee Members are: 1- Mahmoud Hassan Saad (Saajin) 2- Omer Adan Liban 3- Aden Jama Hoori 4- Said Abdillahi Imaan 5- Dahir Ali Wais 6- Abdirahman Miisan 7- Yasin Momin Egeh 8- Ali Sheikh Muse 9- Ilyas Awale Ali 10- Said Ibrahim Diriye 11- Omer Ahmed Barre Reported by Bashir Goth & Abdirahman Obsiye (ARDAA Board Member, Chicago) For and on behalf of ARDAA Hassan Abtidon, General Secretary

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