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  • Gabilay cannibals are quiet in the Cabdale Farah Sigad

    Posted by on November 10, 2009

    u_2d_2009-4-27-19-9-37f_handwritenIn the history of every nation there is always a black day to remember, and for Awdalites Tuesday 11 of July 2009 when four innocent Awdalistes were premeditatedly murdered and their bodies were dumped on Gabiliy’s outskirts was indeed a black day for Awdali’s history. And this Wednesday 11 of November 2009 it is going to be four months since that horrendous murder took place.

    What is even so sad about this day is the outrageous murder that took place near Kalabay and shocked the nation is still unresolved after four months, not because of some unknowing mysterious difficulties, but rather lack of desire for authorities to act.

    All Somaliland politicians locally or nationally have so far chosen to play down the sadness of this unbearable slaughtered. And the evidence of this were clear when Somaliland Interior Minister who recently came to London failed to mentioned Kalabay’s murder during his speech where he talked about the obstacles that his department are facing and all the successes which he so proudly boasted about them.

    Mr Abdilahi Iro who became illusive to the majority of Somalilanders by the time he reached in the UK , chose to attend secret meetings with some sector of UK Somalilanders and reportedly his reasons were to avoid facing questions about Kalayabaydh murder and the failure of his department about this obvious crime which mystifies his position.

    Many people including myself who would love to meet Mr Abdillahi Iro and ask tough questions  about  this unsolved callous murder have tried several times to know if Mr Iro was holding any conference during his stay in London but none of us could able to trace any such information.  

    And it was utter nonsense to call Mr Abdilahi Iro’s family gathering which took place 27 of October 2009 here in London “A conference” when even  Somaliland representative Officials here in the UK were not aware that the Minister was attending any such conference in London. 

    Again Mr Iro’s reasons to hold a secret conferences were to avoid facing questions about Kalayabaydh murder and the failure of his department over this issue.

    I also partially blame for this failure, the sub clans of the four men who were gone in undignified way, because these sub clans could easily get justice for their men one way or another if they wish to. But they failed like the rest of us (Awdalites) failed about these victims.

    On the other hand I myself plan like many Awdalites Diasporas to visit the motherland in the near future and I will travel through the same road that my fellow Awdalites met with their death on 11 July 2009 and while I pray to Allah for my safety I sill feel the death road my not be safer as I wish it to be.

    And for that reason and for the remembrance of the innocent men who lost their lives in such horrifying way I decided to write this short poem, because I don’t think there is anything left to say or to write except for every one of us and each of us to mourn in which ever way we can think of and for me this is the only thing I can think of at the moment. So I say to my fellow Awdalites and to any one who values human lives please read for what it’s worth and remember to say “DU’A” for those innocents’ men who were killed for the only reason that we all know.

    This is my way of remembering those innocent men and to remind myself and others that the danger those killers are still posing to all of us. 

     Like many Awdalites will do this summer

    My trip to the homeland is closing by

    But the hell road of Kalabayd is ahead of me.

    And Gabilay cannibals are quiet in the woods

    They are keeping their killing knives

    And they have no mercy or moral to spare a soul  

    But I refused to be intimidated and I shall fly to my homeland

    And if I met may fate on my way to the homeland

     In the hands of the Cannibals  

    I would like Mr Raage (Ina Raage) to know

     I will be waiting for him in hereafter

    But if I reach safely in Awdalis’s soil

    With my head attached to may neck

    I will be damn if I don’t pray to Allah

    For saving my dear life

    The murders of Kalsbaydh are here to stay

    And no justice apply to them

    Nor they have heart to spare a soul

    The cannibals had blown out the beauty of the people  

    And they committed the crime of the century  

    But they yet to earn the profit of their sins

    The cannibals enjoy the support of Gabilay population

    Even the mullahs are blessing for their despicable deeds

    Women and children in Gabilay  are ululating

    Just because their men had slaughtered their neighbours

              Isn’t that sad?

    I pray for Allah to have mercy with my cousins  

    Who their lives were taking away without mercy

    And we shall all demand justice on their behalf

    Dear Awdalites as for me I shall fly to my homeland

    But if I die on my way to the homeland

    In the hands of Gabilay cannibals

    I wish my killers to meet their fate

    And Like everybody else in this world

    I demand justice for my life  

    I will never forgive whoever forgets me

    And my sprites shall haunt you forever

    If you fail me like we all failed about these four victims


    1. Ali MaHamuud Nuur AKA Ali Bagaashle (Businessman)
    2. Daauud Haashi Jaama (Engineer)
    3. Mawliid Hasan Omar (Businessman)
    4. Hali Aw Omar Barre(Educator

     (May allah bless all their souls)


    When death came and took these bright Awdalites

    I dared to ask myself what Awdalistes have done to deserve this.

    But I know now because we have no voices in higher places  

    To air our pains when we feel weak

    Each of these men had courageous heart

    But their death passed in and agonies way  

    And Gabilay’s cannibals showed no remorse

    I don’t doubt for Dila to defend its dignity

    Because they defend their territory like beast lions  

    But I feel furious to see Gabilay cannibals met no justice

    Cabdale Farah Sigad


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