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  • Remembrance Day for those who lost their lives for the sake of SL Independence

    Posted by on October 19, 2009

    u_2d_2009-4-27-19-9-37f_handwritenSomaliland is remembering the brave men and women who lost their lives in the struggle for independence and for the freedom and peace we are enjoying today. October 17th is worth remembering for many reasons.

    Somaliland and its people have been in dark ages for so many years. But we have never been terrorized before Barre’s regime. We remember the draconian measures imposed on us after the SNM increased its pressure on the regime. We remember the indiscriminate raids and bombing campaigns which killed so many innocent people and destroyed Hargeisa to the ground and made it to like a deserted city.

    After the collapse of the Government in Somalia, the SNM has declared independence with the presidency of Abdirahman Tuur (God bless him).  There was a period of instability when the SNM unfortunately over stepped its success and put pressure on some communities they suspected as collaborators of Barre’s regime. Many innocent people who deserve to be remembered died from the SNM guns. However, after two ineffective years, clan elders gathered in Borama to diffuse the distrust and uncertainty created by SNM. They changed Abdirahman Tuur with Egal( God bless both men).

     Peace has started with Egal. He put the country on the road to independence, reconciled grievances among the disillusioned groups and made Somaliland to recover from the dark events in the past. He started the process by which democracy rules over the elders and democratically elected leaders take control but he passed away before he implemented the process.

    After Egal’s death, his vice president and the current President, Mr. Rayaale, has put forward the agenda for elections to take place at local, legislative and Presidential levels. The present three political parties have been competing for the presidency since then.

    There are many challenges ahead. All other challenges can be reached locally if our leaders are working for our interest by being patient for the political process to take its course peacefully and democratically in Somaliland. But the most important of all is the process for recognition. We can get the long sought recognition if we are united and respect each other. It is a long process to achieve but at end we can win that price if the hardcore SNM groups swallow their pride and we-died-for-it mentality and let the process of democracy to be completed peacefully and with less mistrust among people.

    Remembrance Day for veterans is not a day for politics but a day of prayers for those who died for our independence. Whether they died from the bullet of the regime and/or from SNM, they deserve to have a special place in history. It is also a day for advocating for those who lost their loved ones in the struggle. Among those are the disabled Veterans, widows, and the orphans.

    It is clear from their speeches of politicians who spoken in the occasion that our politicians cannot resist politicizing every event. Those who spoke in the memorial ceremony were all trying to gain political points on the expenses of those who died for our freedom. Shame on them! It is time to reflect our suffering in general and in particular to pray for those who lost their lives for our independence. Those politicians who wanted to gain a point are indifferent to our cause and do not deserve to be in that ceremony. The remnants from the Hardcore of SNM must also be reminded to not waste time in indulgence of their previous bravery and sacrifices but focus on the many local, regional, and international issues facing us at this moment and in future.

    God Bless those who died in our struggle for independence



    Mohamed Mouse

    Ottawa ,  Canada


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