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  • Re: Four weeks that shook Somaliland by: Mohamed Mouse

    Posted by on October 13, 2009

    hand writingReading the above article written by Dr. Mohamed Rashid and posted in the websites on October 12 is a play of pure partisan politics and concocted lies about the other side of the coin. It reminds me the Somali saying: WIXII XUNBA XAAWAA LEH.

    I thought Dr. Mohamed Rashid is a VP runner for UCID and not a spokesperson for all opposition parties and the institutions of the land. He can’t be a neutral political analyser. I thought he brings up the agenda of his party in this election season. But he became a political bandit and an attack dog for opposition.  I do not think his writing is for local consumption but geared towards the Diaspora. The people in Somaliland are aware of the facts on the ground and the process of the debate. Dr. Rashid has underestimated the Diaspora and he thought that he can sell a story based on bias and partisan analysis. Even being partisan has limitations when talking about the political stalemate and the facts behind this unwarranted delay of the election. Giving credit to his party and other institutions and the bad credit to the President alone and not mentioning UDUB once in his writing is far from the real truth about the political events in Hargeisa. The writing is an insult to our Diaspora who follows the daily political events in Hargeisa and has full knowledge of every day political dialogue.

    Dr. Rashid did not give a grain of credit to the President and his Party.  His writing is a testimony to the Opposition’s cover up the reality on the ground. He did not talk about the patience of the President, his Government, and the people in general. He did not cover the whole story about the opposition’s attitudes based on falsehood and denial.

    Mr. Rashid was a broadcaster from the BBC. Those of us who know how the BBC works would understand where Dr. Rashid is coming from. He knows how to spin a topic.  He stripped the President and his Party off their credits and clothed them the whole blame arising from the political statuesque.  Analysis should include the negatives and positives from all sides and compare and then reach a conclusion based on that.  However, DR. Rashid has chosen to hide his boss’s mode fluctuations and inconsistency. His analysis lacks the Opposition Parties’ leaders’ NAYS in all discussions and resolutions.  He should talk about their leaders’ approach, strength, and strategy. He should mention that leaders of the opposition have only one weapon: “NO”.

    Dr. Rashid is a friend and has gained a lot of experience during his stay in England and as a BBC broadcaster. However, he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mr. Rashid has to build his political base in Somaliland and particularly in SALAL AND AWDAL. I believe that he can be smart politician if leaves the sinking boat and stop being the attack dog, and start building new party with his own agendas for Somaliland. I emphasize New Party because the people of those regions cannot survive in the present political atmosphere. If Dr. Rashid takes the initiative to build grass roots for a party in Salal and Awdal, I will be the first person to join him in the struggle.\

    Mohamed Mouse


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