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  • FAISAL IS CRYING FOWL….by Mohamed Mousa

    Posted by on October 9, 2009

    u_2d_2009-4-27-19-9-37f_handwritenToday October 8th, 2009, I read the speech of Faisal Ali Waraabe at Camuud University on some websites. I am wondering if the condolence on the mutilated people is sincere from the part of Faisal or it is just public relations in the election season.  It is agonizing to talk about it in front of the young people who are touched by the loss of their brothers in a premeditated and unprovoked murder.  Please read these passages from his speech before you proceed to my comments:

    ……Ugu horayn yidhi Inaa lilaa wa inaa raajicuun walaalayaal waxa Hada la ii sheegayay oon Tacsi U dirayaa Suldaan Muxumed Nuur Geele, oo ahaa salaadiintii Nabada iyo dawlad nimada soomaaliland Dhidibada U taagay ka mid ahaa taariikh badana ku leh soomaaliland iyo soomaaliyabada walaalayaal tacsi ayaan u dirayaa Suldaan “guray”  Ilaahayna Janadii ha geeyo Aas ka qaran ee loo samaynayana inshala waan ka qayb galaynaa.
    suldaanku waxuu inoo dhalay Janan keena cabdi Guray.
    Tacsidaa kadib ayuu hadana Faysal cali waraabe raaciyay tacsi kale oo ah ragii Jidka Lagu Qashay ee la goo gooyay oo Tacsi uu u diray dhamaan soomaaliland iyo Qoysaskii ragaasi ka baxaanba waxana uu gudoomiyaha Ucid dhacdadaa ku tilmaamay Mid Qaranka Dhaawacday mar labaad waxaan la yaabanahay ragii falkaa gaystay oo iska Jooga cidina soo qaban wayday waa yaan daro iyo Dawladeena oo Diciifa.
    Faysal cali waraabe isaga oo hadalkiisa sii wata ayuu yidhi waxay ahayd Falkaa inay wax ka qabtaan reer Hargaysa iyaga ayayna U talaa, hadii reer Hargaysa wax ka qaban waayaan waxay u talaa reer bariga soomaaliland.
    Arinka Dhulka iyo ciidamada is horfadhiya waa arin muragaleh walaalayaal dawladeenu waxay noqotay sidii ciidamadii UN-ka waxna kama qabato hadana waxy tidhaa ciidan ayaan kala dhax Dhignay……


     It is agonizing to hear such pure admission of quilt from a politician and a leader of a party for so late a time.  Now is not the time to break the silence and invoke the dreadful thought of the murder.  If Faisal is sincere about the warm condolence on the murder, he would have explained to audience the reasons why he is so up front now and not at the time of the murder.  He would have gained the sympathy, respect, and support that he is seeking from all Somalinaders and especially from Adal people if he said at the right time what he said at the Cammud University. He recognized the severity of the murder, the inability of the Government and all law enforcing agencies and in general the Isak clans.  He witnessed in his speech that the murderers are living happily among us. It is a guilty verdict on his part and it will be registered in history and will haunt him when justice prevails in Somaliland and law abiding citizens come to office.

    Faisal has not justified in his speech the reasons of his silence during the time the public was debating about the murder and why he hasn’t been part of the peace search team. He did not apologize to the public and particularly to the families who lost their loved ones. Also he did not blame himself and his comrades on their inability to say something similar to what he has said in speech. It is the Election Season Stupid.  Faisal had an ample time to show his human part but he failed to do so because he was part of the conspiracy and thought that would benefit from the murder. Politicians are very shroud and always look after their short goals and interests. He is a politician after all. He is in a campaign mode and think people have forgotten his inability to force a campaign for apprehending the murderers and their sponsors.

    It is very sad that Faisal is now singing another lullaby without making excuses of why he is he so truthful today and not in the proper time. Instead of apologizing from his lack of respect to Adal people, he brought to us a ridiculously cheap condolence for the sake of seeking our sympathy and support in the election.  He blamed the Government’s inability to seek justice for the families. Why not himself and other opposition leaders? If Faisal has the least sympathy for Adal people, he would not have talked about the murder in this particular time and at this particular place.

    I hope Camuud University students, Adal people, and other Somalilanders will judge my criticism on its merit and also judge on Faisal’s integrity and honest.


    Mohamed  Mousa


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