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    Posted by on October 6, 2009

    hand_writingThe madness and illusion of the opposition leaders have decreased drastically for the last couple of days but will it remain in that trend or escalate? How long the spell would last? It needs a smart guess.

    The medicine – the six pillars – has acted quickly on the leaders, returned them to their senses after they have been sick for so long without differentiating right from wrong and friends from foes.  These leaders are in state of shock after they have realized that there is no room for more adventure and mischief and that foreigners and citizens alike cannot tolerate their hostile activities in the country.  They are now in a state of confusion and wondering what kind of ingredients was in the medicine. Those politicians are not different than other African leaders before them. African leaders in general are “ ishood qaatooyin” and they always back off when they realize that the current tide is against them and that they cannot swim freely.  Our opposition leaders as well as the others have calculated the strength of the tide and found out that they are cornered and have no more strength to continue against the strong tide. They bowed in front of the people and foreigners.  It is customary for African leaders not to listen to their people but listen to the advice of their foreign counterparts and threats from other countries.

    The opposition leaders have been living in illusion and have not questioned themselves about the death and suffering caused by their activities and conspiracies because of their love of leadership and blindness to the wishes of the people.  They have not evaluated of what would happen to them if they fail. They have not thought of the recent developments.

    The medicine has taken affect but we are not sure if they get sick again. I doubt very much that some of the leaders of the opposition would ever get well and come back from the illusion of being the best of all and the best leaders in the land and the impression that they are the only people who sacrificed for the Somaliland independence. They have failed in the only fights they know – divisionism, turmoil, disorder, and deadly conspiracies.

    Will some of the opposition leaders get away with murder? Will the people’s verdict justifies the end? The people’s verdict has already partially taken place. However, in order justice to be done and the final verdict justifies the magnitude of the case against the opposition leaders, we need the people to exercise their God given rights and democracy and take the case against those politicians seriously and reach the final verdict on the ballot in the elections to come. The politicians in general will get the last remedy and final recovery from the elections. The ultimate recovery is not from the potion given to those politicians by the foreign governments and agencies but it will come from the people’s votes. Their failure will help them to finally come to their senses and awakening. After the election, the continued cover up of the murders will remain if the leaders concerned do succeed in power and the murderers will live happily among us. If they fail, the truth will surface and some God fearing people will come forward and tell the whole story in the courts of law and justice will prevail. ALTHOUGH A PIG NEVER COMES UP CLEAN, LET US HOPE THE BEST.


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