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    Posted by on September 25, 2009

    hand_writingThe capitulation of the Opposition Parts to the demands of Foreign Governments does not surprise us at all. The Foreign Governments have not brought something new but rehashed what the Senate, the house, the Government, and in general the public have been advocating all along.  The Opposition Parties have been rejecting all possible solutions till they have tested the waters and clearly realized that the people cannot buy their argument and lies. When all doors have closed on the opposition and they can no longer continue the statuesque, they reason out and legitimize their previous insistence, hard-headedness, and absolute rejection of all mediations and solutions by accepting the same old solutions they refused to heed. Now the opposition is making excuses for accepting foreign advice without apologizing to the public at large and to the policy makers of the country who have been begging them and asking them to listen for the sake of our young democracy and the welfare of the people.

    It is an insult to all of us that the leaders of the Opposition Parties coming to the floor of the Senate and telling us without any remorse, without accepting the damage and loss of life due to the violence, demonstrations, and other conspiracies which yet to discover.  There speech was an ultimatum and conditional.  We witnessed in bright day light that they have accepted foreign mediations and solutions to the problems they have created.  Listening carefully to what they have said in the senate and watching at their tone and gestures convinces me that Siilaanyo and Waraabe are not even sincere of what they say they have accepted. Reading between the lines of their speech, you will find that they have no sanity whatsoever and it seems that they were not talking to the senators but to those Governments who proposed the resolutions. I doubt very much that these people will come clean and listen to our wise people and start a new page unless probably they receive another revelation from those foreign countries.  The whole country is bleeding because of their actions and now unapologetically saying; “We accept those revelations”.  Those of us who care for our cause and hard fought independence have every reason to doubt their speech. The reason being is that the same resolutions or some even better were put on the table and discussed among the senate and the house and in the Government and all were in vain because of their madness and disrespect to our people.

    Without the patience of the President, the Government, and many in the senate and the house, and the wisdom of our people, we would have been in a different and hard situation.  Our President has prevailed and because of that we see light at the end of the tunnel. The solution was very simple in the first place. The President was saying all along, “Let us clear the way for an election”. He has never said; “No Election.” His argument was based on two facts: Fixing the voters list first and go for an election next. The extension was born out of that and it was not proposed as by the Government as the opposition claims. The opposition is now agreeing with the so-called foreign governments on the same resolutions they despised before. Their acceptance is a phony and needs all our attention and scrutiny from our people who have the utmost respect after all those negotiations and opposition refusals of all possible and intelligent suggestions and resolutions.

    In spite of the reluctant acceptance of the foreign resolution by the opposition, the people have to realize and be convinced that Siilaanyo and Warabe will not stick to their word. Nevertheless, the commonsense and the will of the people will prevail at the end. Our politicians have to be aware of that people are watching and are smarter than them. The opposition tried to get away with the violence and death-causing advices but they are checked by the people and we are sure that some of the opposition leaders will be brought to justice no matter how long it takes. The truth of the deadly conspiracies will be told in future by conscious, God loving, and God fearing people.

    As long as Mr. Siilaanyo and MR. Waraabe and their colleagues are leading opposition parties, we do not have to celebrate the decisions reached after foreign countries’ intervention. We assume that the only reason that those two people have accepted the revelation sent from their HEAVENS is that they have to put in place a escape route while the hay is shining. Waxay ku jiraan lugna badhaade ugu joog lugna beqe. So we should not celebrate yet unless we make sure that those oppositions’ hearts and minds are clear and apologetic.


    Mohamed Mousa


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