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  • Is Somaliland at the Crossroads?

    Posted by on September 22, 2009

    ist2_6212280-orange-man-and-the-big-questionSomaliland leaders are obviously fighting on the deck of a sinking Titanic. There are four mutilated bodies on the same deck with their souls asking for justice and mercy. They deserve justice in order to rest in peace and that is all what they are waiting. The murderers are fiddling and fooling around the corners of the sinking ship in hoots and tattoos in their top fashion of cannibalism. They are from a new regenerated highbred biological mixture of beast and human species. The captain of the ship is dodging in a lower cabin in fear of on-board barbaric and wild pirates posing as opposition leaders. They have lied to the crew and are disguising themselves as rescuers of the ship from the ranging storms. The fact is that they are ready to pick up the surfaced pieces when the ship wrecks to the bottom of the ocean.  Helpless, frightened and confused, the crew is looking far into the horizons above the blue ocean and praying for peace.

    The relative peace that this country has enjoyed in the last decade is being snatched away by power hungry and mindless selfish elements.  This type of poor vision with confiscatory and violent practices is part of African modern traditional political heritage.  The “leaders” forgot that the people are in the process of recovering from the destruction of their land, their property, and their lives.  After a long suffering, the people, now, understand the value of peace and realize how a bad government can impact their livelihood. Deep in their hearts, they still live in the memories of the old wounds, the trauma and the scars.  Any minor incident of political violence triggers dark memories with serious impact on their mental health.  The stories narrated or recorded in the mass exodus from this country to Ethiopian Refugee Camps where beyond anyone’s belief.  My 75-year-old mother with two year and three year-old grand children were among them. Imagine, they were bombed while fleeing the disaster at home and struggling to finish hundreds of kilometers across the border on foot. What about the mass executions and those died in the prisons? The atrocities are unforgettable and those power hungry thugs don’t care about peace and stability but running only to feed their greed at the expense of general well being of the public. There is a Somali saying “milk is sweet when drinking in peace (nabad baa caano macaan).

                Today in Somaliland, the absence of mechanisms for peaceful coexistence and fair power sharing among country’s ethnic groups leads into civil strife, chaos and an ensuing carnage.  In the almost two decades of civil war in Somalia, the worst killing has been witnessed in this part of the country.  Innocent travelers were kidnapped in a public road and their bodies were torn into pieces.  This is something that only animals can do and has not known in the history in any where in our society. This type of cannibalism has never every happened in the southern parts of the country where killing and looting has been the order of the day for decades.  Instead of addressing the issues and capturing the human butchers, the so called political leaders struggled to score political points out of the issue and blamed each other.  This is well known tradition for African leaders who  are always engrossed in spreading hostilities among people. In such cases, their misjudgments and lack of vision often unleashes that they are unable to take much interest in anything other than to satisfy their greed. 

    Shame and more Shames are on the power greedy leaders. The mutilated bodies wait in cold graves for your action and justice.  Take action now before its too late now.  We are the peace loving people of this country and are warning of the serious consequences.  African leaders see the reality only when their citizens chase them.  Where is the President? Doesn’t he know that he is the President for all the people?  He couldn’t even dare to send condolences to the families of the victims. Instead, he aided by adding insult to the injury by dispatching convoys of weapons and soldiers to the grieving families. Doesn’t he know that weapons and repression never stops the will of the people as it has been already proved here and in this very country?  The will of the people is so powerful and any dictator even with and arsenal at his disposal must bend pressure from them.  The ugly truth is the fact is that the senior political leaders, particularly the opposition are, in many ways, far more invidious and worse than the hated authoritarian East African leaders like Mengistu and Siyad Barre.  The more you see or hear about African leaders, the more you will understand that they share monkey qualities.  Their ways of doing things is incomprehensible in any rational thinking and they look like aliens from another planet. Talking of elections and fighting on the deck of sinking ship with corpses and fiddling murderers is both a mockery and a travesty of justice in the greatest magnitude.

    Here is the peace loving people’s message “ we will not compromise our hard earned peace with any rulers ambitions. We are not concerned of however rules here. Our main concern is our co-existence in peace and without that all of us will be out of the window.

    Mouse Elmi .


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