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  • A Congratulatory Note to Al-Aqsa Schools in Borama By: Abdirahman Aadan

    Posted by on September 18, 2009

    u_2d_2009-4-27-19-9-37f_handwritenEvery year like this time, the result of Somaliland’s High School Leaving Exams are announced. As usual, last Saturday, the Minister of Education of Somaliland, announced the result of High School leaving exams. The result was disclosed in a Press Conference held by the Minister and the Chairman of National Examination Board. According to the statement of the Minister, private schools retained their lead as the students from Al-Aqsa-Borama and Nuradin-Hargeisa occupied top ten seats and scored high grades. For instance, 9 out of the top ten students were from private schools. However, this year, students from Al-Aqsa High School, a private school in Borama, made a history by occupying 4 of the country’s wide top ten. The students from this school promoted the reputation of their school and that of Awdal region in general. Mohamed Abdirahman Mohamuod, a young student from this school became the “Somaliland Student of the Year” by scoring the highest grade in all over the country. Similarly the first girl that occupied the 5th position of the top ten is from Al-Aqsa. According to the Minister of Education, Rahma Ismael Yasin, made an unprecedented history as she secured the 5th position of the top ten. This is the first time that a female student secures a seat in the male students dominated top ten.

    Al-Aqsa was established early in 1990’s and the school has played an indispensable role in the revival of primary education at a time that security was very fragile and later on intermediate and high schools. The schooling system of Al-Aqsa helped the country the efforts to re-establish country collapsed educational system.

    The school is now viewed by many to be one of the few best schools in Somaliland when it comes to quality education, discipline and academic excellence- a fact that this year’s leaving exam results can reflect. Presently, Al-Aqsa schools provide educational opportunities to thousands of students who go to the chain of schools that are scattered through out the regions of Awdal and Salal in Somaliland.

    This school is also one of the main suppliers to Amoud University whereby a large number of students who have completed their high school at Al-Aqsa join Amoud every year as freshmen. Remarkably, the students from this school are not only characterized with their strong academic background but also their knowledge to religion and Islamic teachings. Since 2000, when the first batch of students completed their high school studies at this school, the school has produced a large number of students who have pursued their higher studies both inside and outside the country with different specializations.

    In terms of employment, apart from the subordinate staff, more than 120 teachers got teaching opportunities from Al-Aqsa schools- a fact that makes Al-Aqsa Schools one of the largest job providing institutions of Awdal Region in general and Borama town in particular.  

    In conclusion to this short article, let me congratulate to the teachers and management of Al-Aqsa for their tireless efforts of bringing up our young generation with knowledge, good conduct and Islamic teachings. Also, my congratulations go to Mohamed Abdirahman Mohamoud and Rahma Ismael Yasin as well as other students who have made the history and demonstrated their personal competency and the quality education of their school.

    By :Abdirahman Adan



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