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    Posted by on September 17, 2009

    hand writingPresident Rayaale has challenged the odds and opportunistic expectations of all political forecasts in Somaliland and among the Somali Diasporas and impressed the world.  He was relatively unknown in Somali Politics when he took the presidency after Egal’s death. Some people were astonished and some opposition politicians were over excited and to their benefit thought he would stumble very early. Some politicians underestimated our people and thought they would never put aside the tribal mentality and think otherwise. He has lead the state to a national level and put it on international stage. He established strong security apparatus and military. He made peace and security in Somaliland as his priority and secondly selling Somaliland Independence internationally. He respected friends and foes indiscriminately and without grudge and ill feeling.  He united his party under his leadership and listened to other parties’ advice and arguments even though the oppositions’ ears and minds are nowadays locked on only one thing and that is Rayaale has to go by hook and crook. He patiently challenged his foes in politics and put the country and the people first.

     In the first two years of his presidency, he set the agenda for UDUB Party and the country. He earned respect from people and shown his charisma and leadership qualities calmly and wittingly. Somaliland pinned its hopes on this President for a while now and hopefully will respect him for his proven success. His leadership skills have proven beyond the expectations of so many people who dismissed him from the first minute he was sworn in as president.

    In his second term, he was elected with blessing and support from the people.  The people of Somaliland have shown to the world that tribalism would not help our search for sovereignty. He was elected by a cross-section of our people because of the belief that he could lead them to success.  People understood that tribalism is not in our interest and made it obsolete. Somalilanders must be very proud and congratulate on themselves on willingness to support any Somalilander who works for the interest of our people regardless of which clan that person belongs to. Rayaale travelled in the country and saw the needs of the people, defends our freedom and democratic principles and lobbies for our sovereignty among the international community and neighbors. Many Somalilanders and non-Somalilanders around the world witness our progress in the country and towards independence under Rayaale’s presidency and leadership.  He has become statesman thanks to the people of Somaliland who supported him and trusted his leadership and judgment.

    In this coming election, UDUB party has the third time given him the opportunity to run for the presidency and promised to support him in the presidential campaign. In a third time in a raw, he needs the support of the people. The success and approval of the president over time have played a major part of his party’s choice as their leader. He has worked hard for the welfare of the country and the people.  He gained the people’s approval through his ambitious plans and consultations with his Party and opposition. During his reign, we have seen progress in all walks of life. The country has flourished in all kinds of businesses. Undoubtedly, we are on the road to progress in the first time of our history. All of those have come through hard work, guidance of his leadership, and the leadership of his Party. As political leadership is both a complex and illusive quality, it is crucial to THE WELFARE OF THE NATION and the SURVIVAL OF THE POLITICAL PARTIES, and THE EXECUTIVE POWER. Rayaale has shown the three qualities time and time again.

    Previous crucial National Elections have passed the test of the country’s democratic consolidation. The recent fight over the Registration Process, Electoral Votes, and Election Day are part of the democratic system. The process is not thought and created by the President, but put in place by the Senate and the Parliament, and the Electoral Commission. As the Somaliland independence has come through our Elder’s hard negotiation skills and patience, the recent skirmishes over the Electoral Registration and the Election Day should not be an obstacle to the real issue of Our Independence and blame should not be put on Riyaale alone. Today’s political success in Somaliland is the result of respect among us and the collaboration between our Parties. Our President has worked to this end through patience, open heart, respect of others, and respecting the people’s will.


    President Rayaale shows genuine respect for opinions of allies and adversaries alike. Often as an elder statesman he also seeks advice and guidance from community elders across the country. As the focal point of his political strategy, Rayaale strengthened and galvanized his party – UDUB, which under his leadership continues to build momentum and strives to dominate the political landscape in SL. Meanwhile, President Rayaale carefully and deliberately listens to, and at times solicits the advice and viewpoints that originate from the other two political parties – UCID and Kulmie. Often, with the interest of the SL in his heart and as a matter of principle, he constantly challenges their political motivations and approach in tackling the critical issues that faces the country. So far, however, Mr. Rayaale’s political opponents remain in delusion and in sharp contrast with the general public trust.

    The people of Somaliland have to choose between three Presidential runners in the coming presidential election. Our Independence, recognition, and well being are at stake if our people are not wise enough to make the right choice. In the campaign which is already on, we have seen how some of the presidential runners are reviving the old political system based on divisionism, tribalism, and antagonism. Some of the campaigners are trying to divide us into Easterners and Westerners. To choose between the contenders is not hard unless divisionism overrides the common sense and unity.

    Mr. Rayaale is a tested politician with an unparalleled experience through all those years in office. He has become a seasoned politician. He has already led us to success and took us to undeniable independence.  Unlike the other Parties’ leaders, he is a uniter, skilled negotiator who attracts the international leaders to our cause as a nation. Whether he is elected in the coming election which I believe he should, he will be remembered as the first democratically elected president of Somaliland, a statesman of high caliber, a peacemaker, a man of honour, and will remain as an advisor to those who come after him.

    By Mohamed Mousa


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