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    Posted by on September 15, 2009

    ist2_6212280-orange-man-and-the-big-question I have been reading articles advocating that the President of Somaliland should resign for saving his name in history and letting others to try the magic rule they are promising to bring in. I would like to remind the wild card advisors a few things that should consider before telling the President to quit. We already know the political imbalance in Somaliland. The three party- system is dominated by a single clan. Within this clan, political leaders are competing for power and undercutting each other. Those leaders are from subclans of the dominant clan.

    My question here is will those giving scholarly advice guarantee that things will go smoothly and peacefully under others rule after Mr. Rayaale quits the presidency. I doubt very much, because there are some politicians who are so power hungry and longing the day they sit on that chair. Ninkii jiray wuxu yidhi: Ilaahay in la barto waan soo hoos joogey. I think we have experienced already of what some Somaliland politicians are capable of doing. They are fighting with their teeth to remove Mr. Rayaale through threatening the only thing we are proud of so far: General Peace. Those politicians have worked and still working behind the scene and in public  to create civil war even among their clans let alone others who have been slaughtered because of their cause and under their advice.

    I think the presence of Mr. Rayaale is a blessing. The patience he has shown is unprecedented in African politics. I believe Mr. Rayaale is the pillar of calm and peace. He defends from us the vultures and cadavers who want to enjoy and quench their hunger with dead bodies and blood.  We ran elections before and we could run peacefully again if those vultures come to their senses and calm down for a while and negotiate for the sake of our poor people, independence, and well sought recognition. Instead they have chosen insanity, pitying clan against clan, advising on killing each other. Those politicians have left no stone unturned in order to create turmoil, unjustifiable demonstrations, false propaganda, and lies about the President.

    Mr. Rayaale is trying hard to keep the peace and maintain order while others are disposing his accomplishments and spreading hatred in every institution and in public. If Mr. Rayaale believes in what some of us are advising him to do and run away cowardly and leave the stage for those vultures, our blood will be sucked and everything that we have worked for will be history. I believe this man’s wisdom has saved us from more slaughter and severing. I do not understand why some are advised him to resign. Is it because they care for him and save his reputation and place in history? Or do they want to give jobs to others? Is it because they do not like him? I am puzzled and lost in that argument. Do they think we will be safe without him? I believe we won’t be happy without him.

    We know Somalilanders in general are well aware of the magnitude of the recent events in Hargeisa and surroundings. A large percent of the population are guessing the game behind all of those events. A large majority believes that some politicians have taken the wrong path, a path of taking power through all means necessary, a path full of blood, death, and uncertainty. What is the alternative if Mr. Rayaale resigns and leaves the office?

    The Chairman of the Guurti will replace him, isn’t it? The Chairman is already a divider and part of the problem creating the decent. Will the other prominent politicians lead us to a better place? Will the election take place peacefully as before?  I think we deserve more depth explanation of why some people are giving brotherly advice hidden in some obscure invalid reasons and sweet talk. Let them tell us the alternative they have in mind. Kor waayeel waa wada  indho. Warkiina shaaca ka cadeeya?

    Mohamed Mosa



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