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  • 9/12/09 Ardaa 7/11 Genicide Remembering Manifesto

    Posted by on September 13, 2009

    ardaa_logo01On the evening of July 11th 2009 (7/11), Ali Aw Omer Barre, Daud Hashi Jama, Mawlid Hassan Omer and Ali Mohamud Nur (Bagaashle), all from the Adal Region, were traveling on the road between Dilla and Kalabaydh. Their lives were cut short and their properties looted when a group of 24 murderers ambushed, slaughtered and mutilated the bodies of all four innocent citizens. The motives were described as tribal hatred and land-grapping.
     Two months after the brutal murder of Ali, Daud, Mawlid and Ali, it is business as usual in Gabiley – the criminals are free to enjoy feasts and festivals in the company of high ranking political officials and local authorities. In Hargeisa, the blood of these four brothers is a political game – no one wants to lose a single vote
     from Dilla and/or Gabiley polling stations by even talking
     about the crime.
     In both Hargeisa & Gabiley, the perpetrators of the massacre of 7/11 are very well known. Reliable sources point fingers on high level politicians who are thought to commission the hateful deed while in Borama and elsewhere in the Adal regions,  tempers are high, questions are being raised, closure is being sought, community is upset, and the families are asking for closure.
     We, ARDAA, while once again condemning this outrageous and dastardly act of killing in unequivocal words, do hereby renew our call to remember the victims of 7/11. We do not understand the reluctance of Somaliland government.
     Verily, the killings were well organized and carried out by illegally formed deviant death squad condoned by notorious party operatives.  The news media played a crucial role in the genocide as a radio internet run by Kulmiye supporters fuelled the killings by spreading insane inflammatory speeches.  While other local media either ignored or seriously misconstrued events on the ground. Whoever is responsible or aided the wicked doers accomplish their evil mission must be punished.
    The government failed miserably to bring criminals to trail.
    The Somaliland Gurti abandoned their role as a peace keeping and peace making national institution. Instead they politicized and manipulated the murder of innocent people.
     The elected Member of Parliament failed to fulfill their delegated mission and ignored the nation’s stability, security, and unity. They choose to squabble in Hargeysa to promote their party interest and endorse a failed voter registration process.
     We believe that anybody with sound mind will agree that the tragedy of the slaughtered four innocent men was simply not as result of an anger that is related to the disputed piece of land.
     It seems a premeditated conspiracy engineered by few people who has political ambition and thought polarizing the community will be instrumental to reach their greedy goals. Strong evidence from numerous reliable sources gathered by ARDAA focus group revealed that some top will know opposition officers have endorsed secretly and formed the militia that carried out the killing.
    Unfortunately, the elders and the majority of the Somalilander who have good intentions have been distracted from reality. ARDAA is again condemning the deviant clan death squad and corrupted tribe oriented politicians, who initiated hostilities and masterminded these heinous crimes.
      We, as humanitarian national organization, believe
     that there is no development, no progress and no stability
    that can be achieved without peace.
     We strongly believe that peace pacts are permissible in Islam which order Muslims to fulfill their covenant. This is a test to the somaliland peoples’ wisdom and justice. We overcame other problems and we hope we will do the same again.
    We consider the mass slaughtering; of innocent civilians who did not commit aggression against nobody is Unforgivable Crime against humanity.  Not only this hideous crime has harmful effects on the
    foundation, unity, stability and togetherness of Somaliland people, but also it renouncing the peace treaty that was made between the Somaliland communities in Borame city in 1991. We,
        1.  send our sincere condolence once again and in the
     name of the sacred month of Ramadan, to the families of the
     victims of this atrocity. May Allah bless their souls?  At this point we do here renew our call to remember the victims of 7/11 and
       2. Demand those who committed these brutal murders be severely punished. Their names and whereabouts are all known to the people on both sides as well as to the Somaliland authorities. We demand a swift action to arrest them according to the laws of the
    3. Also demand in no uncertain terms that the culprits of this shameful act must be brought to justice immediately. These include the perpetrators and the collaborators of this crime and some of them who are part of the political process and parties,
     4. Acknowledge that this action would be a “serious black mark” and a setback to the government and people of Somaliland and their efforts to coexist in peace and tranquility, and
     5. Demand that measures be taken to prevent similar
     violence again and/or elsewhere in the country.
        6-The criminals must be brought to justice to account for their horrible deeds and hideous crime against humanity

     7- the opposition must halt their alleged support to the death
     squad, hostilities and hatred that they have been
     spreading between Somaliland communities. 
     8-      The Somaliland Gurti must perform its duty as neutral 
     national institution and convince  the tribes 
     not to cover up  the criminals \
     9- The people of Somaliand not allow to be destructed by the controversy regarding the registration , election ,power struggle between politicians but must be united   and not rest until the perpetrators of this crime are apprehended and brought before justice
     10- the government of Somaliland must  appoint a high level
     prosecutorial committee with the full authority to pursue
     all the crimes related to the 7/11 massacre and bring the culprits
     to justice without further delay. The opposition parties should come
     clean and collaborate with the government in apprehending the
     criminals rather than using the 7/11 attack as a tool to advance their political agenda
     10-We as humanitarian organization will only relax after justice is restored.
     Finally, we wish to express once again our deepest sympathy to the families, relatives and friends upon the death of these four innocent travelers.
     We will remember them with respect and admiration and
     believe that they will be missed by Adal community at
     May Allah bless their soul and give their families, relatives, friends and community the strength to bear this loss and patiently
     wait justice to take its course.
     For and on behalf of Adal Resources and Development
     Assistance Association (ARDAA)
     Public relation, communication and publication


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