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    Posted by on September 11, 2009

    aminarts somalilandOn the occasion of the blessed Ramadan and in the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate, I would like to send you my greetings first and wish you all of you Good Health & Prosperity as well as God’s acceptance of our fasting and prayers. May Allah bring happiness to us.
    After this prayer, the month of Ramadan unites Muslims in fasting, worship, and prayer. It is a time of spirituality, brotherhood, and contemplation. Instead of celebrating this special period in intense prayer and happy rejoicing, our brothers in Somaliland Parliament are coming together with hangover and sleeplessness and doing God forbidden activities in Ramadan. Satan has no limitations because he always challenges God. I watched the Video from that violent meeting and someone opened the session with verses of Quran and immediately after that an insane argument started: Impeachment of the President. Halalouya….
    Satan has promised to God that he will always challenge him. In the Somaliland political arena, there are Satans who are challenging every good or bad action for the sake of challenging only one person, The President. Satan never works for the good of humanity. Likewise, the Satans in the Opposition Political Parties have agreed to disagree always and never compromise no matter how much bipartisan dialogue from the other side. All of the activities they have done so far are deeds of Satan and have no legality: Demonstrations, pitying clan against clan, fighting in Parliament, unfounded propaganda are all from evil people who have chosen deeds of Satan from good actions which benefit the people of Somaliland. Satan always tries different tactics with the good Muslims. The opposition leaders never exhaust conspiracies and they create different tactics whenever the people discover their agendas.
    Somalilanders have to be aware of the Satans and their deeds. If they have been working for the benefit of Somaliland and its people, the compromise is in their hands. If they are sincere of their struggle, they would have calm down and dispel the Satan in them and seek dialogue based on compromise in peaceful way.
    Beware of the deeds of Satan


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