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  • A Propaganda War Against President Rayaale

    Posted by on September 10, 2009

    u_2d_2009-4-27-19-9-37f_handwritenA few hoodlums who, like the automatic telephone machines, speak when one puts a dollar in their mouths are spreading rumors against President Rayaale. They are telling the media that a Gadabursi delegation advised the President to resign. The story is a lie fabricated by those who wish ill for the President. There is not a Gadabursi delegation who advised the President to resign, because there is no reason for him to resign. 

    President Rayaale was elected to this office, and the only way he would leave this office is if he was defeated in election, which is very unlikely today, because the challengers do not have the quality and the caliber needed to run a smorgasbord country such as Somaliland. They are all clan-infested, pseudo-nationalist individuals, and the citizens see through the candidates’ veils.

    Like the President mentioned last month, the opposition must have dreamt of his resignation, and wished it to become true. “If wishes were horses beggars would ride.” They even dragged the good name of Vice-President Cabdirahman Aw Cali Farah into the mud. They should be ashamed of themselves. I am urging these hooligans to apologize to the Gadabursi community in general and to Mr. Cabdirahman in person. In addition, I am advising Cabdirahman Aw Cali to speak out and defend his name against these demagogies, because, silence is an admission of guilt or association.

    Somaliland does not need angry warmongers; it needs common heroes who can bring the communities together instead.

    Hussein Dahir Obisiye

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