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  • Congratulations to ARDAA and down to Somaliland cause by Abdale Farah Sigad

    Posted by on August 12, 2009

    hand_writingBefore I go any further it is important to explain why I have changed my mind about ARDAA, and why I think Awdalistes should unite against the so called Somaliland continuation.

    To begin with I would like to mention that how one Isak man’s death has united the so called Somaliland ’s archenemies, while at the same time the unspeakable murder of four innocent Awdalistes by SNM militia didn’t even get the prayer of Hargeisa elites let alone receiving a state burial.The death of a prominent Kulmiye politician known as Ali Marshal who recently passed Away in a car accident has united all the Somaliland political parties and it has even caused the suspension of reviving Udub’s election campaign that has begun few days ago, but again we all know the Awdal victims who were murder in cold blooded conduct and their families have yet to receive any kind of justice. And this sort of double standard that coming from Hargeisa politicians shows how some are being consider more important than others.

    Personally the respect and the support that I had for Somaliland is no longer with me, however it saddens me to see that the so called Somaliland people whose dream is to be a free nation but failed to demand justice for their fellow citizens who die in an agony death in the hand of organized  and clannish criminals. It is also sad to see a nation that yearns for world recognition, and a nation that always talks how the rest of the world failed to acknowledge their successes but which at the same time failed to give justice to its citizens.

    That is Somaliland for you Awdalistes whether we liked or not. And while we Awdalites are still divided even the worst times of our history the Isaks are being united by the death of one of their sons.

    So I believe it is time to put aside whatever local differences we (Awdalites) have and we must come together and build our unity in order to safe our own existence, because if we fail this time to unite our people, the day will come which we will be the subject of naked discriminations, a day that we may face curfews an unfair prosecutions in our own homeland.

    I know many of you, are blaming Mr Rayaale who happens to be the head of the Hargeisa administration and in someway some of you may have a valid point by blaming him but we also need to be truthful to ourselves, and we need to realise the Samorons are wider and bigger in terms of population and history to be ruled by one man. And no matter whatever dilemma we have with Rayaale but our problem is deep rooted one, and it can not be solved if we put the blame on one man’s shoulder. So there is no point for using as an excuse for Mr Rayaali’s Presidency in all our problems in order to feel ok with ourselves.

    And whether your prejudices against Rayaale based on your hatred towards the broader Jibrill Yoonis clan which seems to be the new uncovered tortoise of the century that every Awdal predator want to get bit of its flesh whenever Rayaale does something they don’t approve or whether you only hate the Rayali’s political association, you need to remember the majority of our elders and sultans, as well as some considerable intellectuals in Awadal also support and participate in the so called Somaliland institutions including those in the so called Somaliland parliament. Therefore we are all guilt by taking part of creating this monster and we should all come together in order to undue the damages that we have inflicted to ourselves.    

    Today I do not have the intention of defend Mr Rayaale or anyone else and I refused to be plunged to the baseless argument of who belongs to which party because as far as I concern, there is no point for any Awdalist to support the so called Somaliland cause let alone its political Parties when the men who slaughtered our people and those who arranged the plot are still walking free.


    If I come back to the main reason that I took the pen and the paper today I have the opportunity to read a press release issued by ARDAA, (Adal Resources & Development Assistance Association) which was formed by mainly North American Awdalistes.

    And Frankly speaking I have to admit that I have not only disliked this organization in the past but I also made myself clear numerous times how much I despised their way of thinking. However the problem I had with this organization before, was purely based their lack of political vision which the organization either chose to ignore it or failed to acknowledge it. In addition I have long held the views that with the absence of Political party, any organization that attempt to set themselves for safe the WORLD MISSION with the attachment of AWDAL needs charity Organisation will consequently fail.

    However reading their recent press releases AARDAA members seem to fill Awdali’s political vacuum which we have been crying out for very long-time. And this should be seen as a good sign for every Awdalistes no matter what his/her political affiliations or clan legions are.

    As the consequences of ARDAA’s decision my views about this organization are beginning to change and the reason for that is because of their overdue political manoeuvres which they seem to adopt it now.

    It dismays me that so many of us, are still divided along party lines but our needs of political unity outweighed whatever differences we have and it is for that reason why I think every Awdalites should welcome ARDAA,s  momentous realisation.

    I may be spoken too soon about the fate of this organisation, but any indication of political devolvement that is being undertaking by any Awdalites should be encouraged.

    I do not see the point to create fuss over ARDAA’s recent press release and I believe anyone with functioning brain will welcome their new strategy. Furthermore I have not detected in any of their recent press release that this group are about to campaign on behalf of any particular Party and again for that reason we should support them and we should steer them to the political highway.

    I have also read some nasty articles that have been written against some respected individual Awdalites and their websites and they are being targeted just because they have different opinion about ARDAA and although I disagree profoundly those who protest against ARDAA’s recent press release I believe further insult of their dignity will only create further divisions amongst us.

    We all need to cool down and change the way we interact with each other or we will be slaughter like goat or a sheep in a butcher shop.

    In conclusions I applaud ARDAA Members’ move towards the political stage and I pray they will continue to pull Awdalistes together and I hope they will not disappoint me.

    Congratulations to ARDAA

    Abdale Farah Sigad


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