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  • ARDAA Press Release: Remembrance and Commemoration of 7/11 Massacre

    Posted by on August 11, 2009

    ardaa_logo01Adal Resources and Development Assistance Association

    Remembrance and Commemoration of 7/11 Massacre

    Today , 08/11/2009, exactly a month has passed since the murder of four innocent civilian travelers and we ARDAA are here again to remember and commemorate the loss of the life of these citizens and say loud and clear that the 7/11 attack has shattered the peace and tranquility in Somaliland. The fact that the culprits are protected in the name of clan is a clear indication of the supremacy of tribalism over government institutions and statehood.

    We, ARDAA hereby urge the government of Somaliland to appoint a high level prosecutorial committee with the full authority to pursue all the crimes related to the 7/11 massacre and bring the culprits to justice without further delay. The opposition parties should come clean and collaborate with the government in apprehending the criminals rather than using the 7/11 attack as a tool to advance their political agenda.

    We want to make it clear that the horrific incident of 7/11 where four innocent civilians were slaughtered in Dila-Kalabeydh road is not in any way, shape, form or manner, related to the “Ceelbardaale” land dispute.  This 7/11 murder is purely a criminal act in its ugliest form and it is the responsibility of all the security agencies of Somaliland to collaborate and arrest the perpetrators of this heinous crime. All elected officials should come forward and denounce this horrible incident in the strongest humanly possible terms and demand justice to be served; lest they will be questioned by their respective constituents for their failure to uphold justice. 

    Finally, we wish to express once again our deepest sympathy to the families, relatives and friends upon the death of these four innocent travelers. We will remember them with respect and admiration and believe that they will be missed by Adal community at large.

    May Allah bless their soul and give their families, relatives, friends and community the strength to bear this loss and patiently wait justice to take its course.

    For and on behalf of Adal Resources and Development Assistance Association (ARDAA)

     Hassan K. Abtidon  (General Secretary)


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