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  • The Conspiracy theory Continues By Mohamed Mousa

    Posted by on July 29, 2009

    hotThe peace seekers from clans of Somaliland are negotiating in Ruqi and Gabiley and meeting with the elders of the communities in that area. The negotiations on bringing the killers to justice are continued and will continue till it is abandoned.

    Deals can be reached if the clan from which the murders come from are honest and in full agreement to reach compromise.  It is however very unfortunate that the head of the army and that of the police in that area are reluctant to help the elders to apprehend the killers.  Also the government’s mobilization of its security is lacking seriousness. The Government has no teeth and the will to force the law and bring the killers to justice.  The news from Hargeisa and from other parts of Somaliland shows that apprehension of the killers and the sponsors of the murder are not in sight.

    There are many reasons why the Government is so slow to enforce the law; the President is desperately seeking justice but it seems he is alone for some people in the government are working behind the scene and protecting their clans who are part of the killing. If the people who were supposed to safeguard justice are part of the conspiracy are covering for the sake of their loyalty to their clans, the case will never be solved and the elders will go home in vain. It is as if the killers are investigating themselves.  The sponsors of this crime are working tirelessly to save themselves from being under the radar and in suspicion.  The killers are blackmailing the sponsors who are in turn putting pressure on the main players in the Government.  Those in the government who are part of the conspiracy are scared to death and trying to cover the crime as far as they can.

    The players in the crime including the killers, sponsors from the Government, political parties, and from public  are trying to save themselves from being exposed and caught. The killers have and will have the upper hand and will be pressuring the other co-sponsors to protect them no matter how hard the elders try to solve this case. We have to think twice when we talk about the Government being the sole protector of our society. Anyone of us who believes in that at this time is in illusion and living in darkness. 

    The players are watching and laughing at the elders and working behind the scene to undercut the investigation, mediation, and apprehension of the killers.  The players are in every group who are investigating the murder. They are among the elders, military, police, and hardliners in the politics. As long as all these forces are working together to cover the case, there will no solution in the crime except that it will be remembered as UNSLOVED MURDER. The verdict will be COMPENSATION to the families of the victims.


    Mohamed Mousa


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