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    Posted by on July 25, 2009

    u_2d_2009-4-27-19-9-37f_handwritenhotThe brutal killing of innocent people was well planned by people with calculated political agenda.  It is beyond any one’s comprehension why this murder has taken place on this particle time and at this particular place and to those particular innocent travellers.  It is very clear that it was a cover up of an ambitious plan thought by some power hungry individuals. Those men who were slaughtered were innocent and a victim of a serious and of a dangerous setup. The notion that the incident was based on tribal disagreement is very hard to swallow.  The plan was to create a situation where the two tribes were to go to war and after that a coupe was staged in the name of saving Somaliland.  Another expected scenario was to change the political balance prevailing in the country. Whether this writing is seen as real conspiracy or a conspiracy theory remains to be seen but the magnitude of the way they killed the men points to a real conspiracy.

    When this ugly murder occurred, many questions came into my mind: Is the violence exported to us? Is it a local political conspiracy? Is it from the recurring skirmishes from the local clans in the area in which the murder happened? Who is behind it? Who benefits from this?

    After much evaluation of the situation, considering prior circumstances, the political atmosphere in Somaliland, I came to the conclusion that the murder is from highly unfortunate and calculated political ambition. The killers are an alibi and did not act alone.  The skirmishes in that area has never reached to this level where innocent people are slaughtered and mutilated.

    The murder was deliberate and planned in such a way that as soon as it happens the Gadabousri and the Ishaq would be at war immediately and the coming elections were either be postponed or would result in the benefit of the people who sponsored this heinous murder. It could be a conspiracy theory, but human instincts, common sense, and the political circumstance on the ground all point toward that.  The people in that area has been in disagreement since recently but the clans from either side have never slaughtered and mutilated their captives.  

    The people who are behind the killings thought they would outsmart the neighbouring clans.  The wisdom and patience of the people speaks volumes. Without their wise judgement, we would have been in a different circumstance by now and Somaliland would have been buried in blood. Those blood thirsty people have exposed themselves and hopefully will be brought to justice and the people who worked behind the scene and deliberated this unforeseen bloody murder will not live happily ever. They will be in hell on Earth and in heaven.

    Whoever is behind the killings, the case is now in Isak court. They should solve this unprovoked murder and bring those who are responsible to justice.  I wrote many times about the thorny road ahead and this is one of them.  We all know that many such incidents happened in other parts of Africa and still continuing in some countries. However, before this murder, we were very proud of ourselves and thought we could be an example of how we reached democracy and peaceful coexistence.  The people behind this cruel and merciless killings have not acted alone and are definitely were messengers from some desperate individuals among Isak communities.  They wanted to create massacre and genocide among our people so that Gadaboursi and Isak go to war with each other and stage a coup or if election is possible, each tribe should stick together and vote a member from them.  

    What are more interesting is what happened to the leaders of the opposition and why some of them have chosen to go out of the country when their advice, leadership, and influence are needed?  Is it because they were behind this and escaped from suspicion or they wanted to show that they are indifferent to the killings or avoid being part of the negotiation elders?  Whatever the reason is, the suspicion is out there. 

    There is another more interesting and mean strategy taking place today in Somaliland. The elders from Isak gathered in Borama and brought nothing except an empty promise. They sang a lullaby for the Gadaboursi elders to give time to the butchers to escape and all the evidence is destroyed. They are still singing the lullaby and solved nothing. What is worse than that is the incompetent government who is not abiding by the law of the land and watching things to unfold in front of its eyes.  If the government is real, it should not hesitate to do the inevitable. It should apprehend the relatives and the elders of the fugitives who are responsible for this horrendous murder.

    It is good to know that condolences and condemnation are coming from all tribes in and outside the country. We all despise those murderers and conspirators. It seems that we love to see Somaliland strife towards sovereignty and prosperity with peaceful coexistence. However, most of the people do not tell the truth.  The one among us who talks the truth is criticised by some people who have very serious agendas. At this moment, we need to talk tough and all seek to bring those murderers to justice and not let them hide among us even if they are our brothers and sons. In this way we can travel together peacefully towards our common understanding and goals. We have to condemn those actions in the strongest possible terms. 

    If this time passes with no action at all, it is sure we will all fail and insensitivity and suspicion among our poor people will increase to a level that we have no control over it.  Let it be no mistake that what happened does not conform to the reality in the ground and it is far from being a tribal activity but it is sure that it is something that have been calculated and discussed among some individuals who have no sympathy for the human life and do not care about the consequences of the genocide which has already occurred and the ones to come.

    This well planned atrocity has done a great damage in the hearts and minds of those who missed their loved ones and those who have a stake in Somaliland being independent.  It is uncertain whether the murder is solved and killers and the sponsors will be brought to justice. Without a real mediation and proper solution, the atrocities will continue and healing will never come. The relatives of the murderers have to come forward and tell the authority of the land where the those villains are hiding and nurtured or the target killings and vengeance will in no doubt take place selectively and Somaliland will be in turmoil in the near future. Somaliland’s peace and tranquility is nearing to an end if the Government of Somaliland is not courageous enough to act quickly and harshly. It has to go by force and bring the relatives of the murderers and their elders in custody and start investigating them without mercy. Some people in the government are co-culprits in the case and are covering the truth for their own advantage and survival of their subclans but they have to realize that they could also be a target.

    The only reason why the murderers have slipped away is our government is incompetent and taken over by special interest groups. The reason why there are governments in the world is to safe guard the peace and the well being of the citizens of a country. The reason why there are courts and prisons is to provide justice to every citizen. The reason why we have military, police, and other security agencies is to keep peace. We have to question why our government is so slow and inactive to pursue justice and bring the killers and their sponsors to court. It must be clear to all of us that this murder is not from clan revenge but from sponsors who thought they would benefit from this ugly murder through divisionism based on tribalism or creating two tribes with different agenda.

     Somalilanders’ unity is a must if we want to succeed and prosper. We must reject the disastrous policy of the individuals who are working openly for our failure. Let us say no to the sponsors of the genocide. Let us have the courage and bravery to reject those killers and their sponsors to live and hide among us. Only through unity with a common goal, we can avoid tit-for-tat revenge and civil wars.  We call upon the fugitives and their sponsors that the public verdict is already out and the judgement is you will never play hide and seek and get away with that unprovoked murder. The public court has reached   its final deliberations and sentenced the killer to death in absentia and the fate of the accomplices will be decided on the ballot. The fugitives and their sponsors will never live happily among us.  If they were thinking of gaining power from this God forbidden action, they were wrong. They gained curse from God and from public.


    Government action is needed quickly and swiftly. It is not the practice of a Government whether it is democracy, anarchy, or dictatorship to watch ideally and put the law of the land in the hands of a group of elders who have no power or respect in their clans and politicians and could have special interest in the murder. Instead of honouring constitution and the law, it is honouring traditional problem solving which cannot work under current circumstances and under the magnitude of the killings. It waited so                                    long and let the murderers escape. This inaction is another crime committed by the Government against the families orphaned by criminals and a whole tribe.  Hassan Sh. Momin, may God bless him, said: If the medicine gets sick, what will be its treatment? That is the Government situation.  It is unexpected and a surprise to all Somalilanders that we have no protection from thugs and murders.  It is a proof that other forces are working behind the scenes and forcing the Government to inaction.


    The Somaliland intellectuals are also share the blame with the government.  They talk about the above conspiracy as I put it, but somehow suppressing their views and intellectual analysis.  The intellectuals are silent about the murder even though they discuss this conspiracy in the majlises and coffee shops. The press and the media in Somaliland are also divided on the case along tribal lines.  The elders from the same clan are also divided. These have all compounded the problem and there will be no solution at the end of the tunnel. We will be always in negotiation if the Government will rise not up to it standard and responsibility and take the lead and attack the core of the problem and compel the parties in serious negotiation. It has to give a limited amount of time and if the elders do not succeed to convince the killers’ families to come forward and bring them to the Government, it has to take action and compel those families to abide by the law, if at all exists.  If the families of the killers do not come forward and become clear and truthful, they are considered by law as accomplices and should be treated as such in the courts of law and in the courts of the public. The Government is in the wrong side of the law it has created and should be accountable of the consequences by bringing the murderers to justice, or it has to be considered an accomplice too. Those who are in a position to do something about the case and dragging their feet to solve the problem have to know that justice is waiting for them.


     Mohamed Mousa


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