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  • In Somaliland, shame for the political parties for trying to gain political scores from Cold blooded murders

    Posted by on July 18, 2009

    hand_writingFor a long time, the people of this country told the international community that peace and stability can be established in a nation without recognized government. From the stand point of the samaroon tribe, such peace was relative when they choose co-existence with the Isaaqs despite inequalities in the ruling system. That means the samaroon were tolerant and they choose to accept a lot of injustices only for the sake of peace. They did not protest when all international aid agencies were asked to move from Borama to Hargeisa; when their only airport was closed from their people in Djibouti; when their boys were stoned in Hargeisa only for scoring the first goal in a inter-regional football game; when none of water digging rigs were refused to dig water wells in Borama; when….when and many more.
    That tolerance has today gone beyond limits when their men were slaughtered like animals and country’s political parties tried to politicise the cold blood cowardly murders. Political parties only insult to the injury when they relate the murders to land dispute. The victims had nothing to do with any dispute. They were travelling in a public road like any one else in the country. How can any reasonable politician explain such a situation without the least reference to the reality of the issue. The insance political party leaders are either inexperienced or tribally motivated. In either case, they did not understand that their primary role was to address the problem as it was to focusing on bringing justice to the affected people. How can any rational politician ignore the consequences of a problem at this scale? This could result lawlessness and chaos in the country where elections will be possible and where any government will be able to control. In that situation, all politicians will be losers because there will be no seats to campaign for. Obviously, we are learning nothing form the History. It is not long ago when an intrenationally recongnised government went down into ashes and, possibly, we are on that road again.

    Mouse Elmi


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