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    Posted by on July 6, 2009

     ardaa_logo01 Ottawa(Sawnews) The 3rd ARDAA Convention was concluded in the Canadian capital city of Ottawa. The conference exceeded our wildest dreams and everyone has recognized the team efforts of the conference organizers.

    The ARDAA leadership and the participants thanked the Ottawa ADAL community members for their hospitality. The size of the people and organizational structure was something new to North America Somali Community. There are no words to express the history made by the Adal Canadians in Ottawa.

    The convention communiqué will take couple of days but ARDAA Communication and Publication Working Committee will declare the outcome of the convention in its short and long term commitment soon.

    On Friday July 3, 2009 ARDAA held its Annual General Meeting at 1000 Brookfield Road where the ARDAA Board of Directors and the Chapter Council Members discussed the future work strategy of the organization for the years 2009 – 2010. On Saturday July 4, 2009 ARDAA Convention was held one of the most beautiful convention Halls in Ottawa known as Ottawa Convention Centre.

    Ibrahim Absiye the President of ARDAA Board of Directs opened the AGM and presented to the Board and the Chapter Members the 2008 – 2009 organization’s activities and president’s message. Several issues were discussed and approved included the ARDAA bylaw, elections of new Board members, next year’s agency activity, membership and then the Board and the Chapter Council Members attended capacity building workshop training.

    1ARDAA President Ibrahim Absiye listened questions raised by the Board and Council Members

     Copy of 003_3

    July 3, 2009 ARDAA AGM Khadra (MAL), Ibrahim (ARDAA President) & Mohamed Shine (Treasurer)

    On July 4, 2009 ARDAA Convention was opened by Ugas Abdirashid Ugas Roble Ugas Dodi with the recitation of Holly Quran and God’s Blessings. He welcomed the participants and the Adal people in general included the organizers for their workload, sponsors and supporters. He called all Adal people to unite for rebuilding their homeland and development. He reminded them that God helps those who help themselves.


    July 4, 2009 ARDAA Convention in Ottawa Canada – Convention Participants

    The team of coordinators led by Mohamed Abdillahi (Shine) and Mohamed Dahir Aden took over to lead the rest of the convention events. The discussion leaders were moderated by team members of experts who facilitated the panelist.4


    July 4, 2009 ARDAA Convention Coordinators – Mohamed Abdillahi “Shine” (right), Mohamed Aden left.

    The first panel was Adal Elders who addressed the convention why and how it is important that the community in the diaspora should not lose connection with “home”. Models for historical unity, leadership, and community development that is necessary for rebuilding and helping their people in back home.

    Panels Members Were:

    Hashi Abib Abdirahman Aw Elmi
    Omar Abdi Mohamed H. Bahal
    Adan Amin Omar Abdillahi Hande
    Ali Warsame Abdisalam A. Nur
    Mohamed H. Farid Ugas A/Rashid U. Dodi
    Mohamud Duksiye Abdulqadir Sh. Ibrahim
    Mohamed A. Farah Dr. Mohamed N. Ali
    Abdikarim E. Guled Musa Elmi (Joome)
    Ibrahim M. Aye Mohamed H. Hadi











    Aden Amin Awil (AAA) Economist and former Permanent Secretary of Somali ministry of finance

    Moderators: Ibrahim Absiye & Mohamed Abdillahi (Shiine)

    Keynote Speaker: Mr. Mohamed Alabari, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    Mr. Mohamed Alabari, former President of ARDAA, re-emphasized the conference theme of “buy a House but not a Home”. Mohamed recommended viable solutions and suggestions to the diaspora efforts to organize themselves.


    Convention key speaker Mohamed Alabari – MDSB Educator & former ARDAA President

    Moderator: Mohamed Abdillahi (Shiine


    Fundraising is a valuable part of the strengthening of NGOs and community contributions are needed by them to carry out their desired and planned activities. The obtaining of resources is therefore a desired and honourable task. Sheikh Mohamed Hussien Hadi ( Shiekh Albalad Ottawa) and Shiekh Mohamed Hussien Farid (Shiekh Albalad Minnesota), God puts his blessings on them, carried out this philanthropic and achieved big success.


    Sh. Mohamed Hadi – Sh. Mohamed Farid – Prof Mohamed Nuh – Abdikarin Guled

    ARDAA Journey:

    A group from the community got together in Washington DC and articulated the need for a development-focused organization owned and operated by the Awdal diaspora in the North America. A year later, Association of Awdal Community of North America (AACNA) was officially established at a convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. What have we achieved since then, and what is next?. Its second conference was held in Toronto Canada and the name was changed as ARDAA and expanded throughout the world.


    1.Ibrahim Ahmed Absiye
    2.Khadra Muhumed Barkhadle
    3.Idiris Abdillahi Farah

    Moderator: Ali Abdi Hore

    Health Care:

    The medical industry is still very primitive and unreliable. Young doctors who have graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Amoud University could not cover this large population with lack of medicine to deal with epidemics as well as pandemics. Areas outside the city of Borama have chronic shortages of any sort of health care facilities. This session presented recommendations for supporting the basic needs and infrastructure of the health care systems across the regions


    1.Dr. Nimo Sh. Abubakar
    2.Dr. Abdishakur Dr. Jowhar

    Moderator: Nuh A. Arre

    Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs):

    A number of NGOs are involved in very important projects and making differences in the lives of many people back home, including children, youth, women and disabled.

    Support for these agencies is critical and deserve sustainability and recognition. This workshop reported the efforts of these organizations and the challenges and opportunities they face regularly.046_46

    1.Amoud Foundation: Abdi Dahir Aye
    2.IQRA: Saeed Hassan
    3.Awdal Charity: Safiya Abdillahi Ismail
    4.Gurmad: Muhyadiin Warsame

    5. Abdisalam Nur – One of the founders of Amoud University

    Moderator: Abubakar Hamud Jibril

    Infrastructure (Roads/Ports):

    Awdal & Salal regions were cut-off from the rest of the Somali Republic since independence and now from Somaliland. There are no roads, airports and seaports. Capital and human mobility, which are the basis and pre-requisite for economic development, do not exist. Local businesses and entrepreneurships are discouraged by the crippling network of impassable roads. This session rebuilt upon the discussion at Minneapolis in 2007 on the need for a road network system in the region. It was focused on the roles and responsibilities of the public and private sectors as well as the diaspora community.

    1. Mohamed Dahir Aden (Economist) Infrastructure on economy
    2. Dr.Abdikarim Hassan Mattan (Phd Civil Engineer) on Infrastructure
    3. Fawzi Ibrahim Rijal (Chemical Engineer) On Light Industries

    Moderator: Hussein Jama Abdillahi

    Education and Employment Opportuinties

    It is often mentioned that the education system in the Adal regions is relatively advanced. Schooling systems from kindergarten to university are in place. Libraries & archives systems are beginning to show signs of improvement. However, the fruits of these hard-earned academic skills are never reaped due to lack of employment opportunities. So what is the use of education, one might ask? Should the focus change to vocational training and development of certain skills that have marketable job opportunities? The panel recommended solutions to these challenges and other barriers relating to poverty reduction/elimination.


    1. Saad I. Samatar – Libraries Coordinator in the State of Minnesota
    2. Ibrahim M. Aye – 40 years experience in education and Minnesota educator
    3. Ahmed M. Gedi – Retired educator, philanthropic activist & former Somali MP
    Moderator: Idiris Farah, Gaas











    Dr. Fowzia – Professor Samatar – Professor Warsame – Mohamed Shine – Roda Miisaan

    Leadership & Economic Development:

    Socioeconomic developments in the Third World are featured by strong will in leadership and business ventures. Both elements are pre-requites for sustainable development in our society. This distinguished panel focused on these topics with emphasis on applicable models of bottom-up development. They also discussed the importance of law and empowerment to economic development.

    1. Prof. Ahmed Ismail Samatar
    2. Prof. Hussein Ahmed Warsame
    Moderator: Dr. Fawzia A. Abrar

    The roles of leadership and community development were traditionally dominated by the male elders of the community. Recently trends clearly indicate the tremendous shift of this responsibility to the female leaders and activists. This workshop focused on
    the enhancement of this role reversal and the participation of women, particularly young girls growing up in North America, in the community engagement and development process.

    1. Ebado Gelle – From the State of Minnesota
    2. Shamis Hudhun – From Ontario Canada
    3. Roda Mizan – From the State of TX
    Moderator: Khadra Barkhadle

    The Acme of literary Achievement: Memorializing Hassan Sheikh Mumin.

    Literary production is a critical endowment of most societies. For the Somali people, such an endeavor has been at the heart of its artistic imagination. More precisely, no other aspect of Somali culture is at once as challenging and captures most acutely the creativity, internal mores, standards, and aspirations of Somalis as the works of their most celebrated composers. The name and the brilliant compositions of the late Hassan Sheikh Mumin stand out in a gallery brimming with super stars. This panel discussion offered brief meditations (followed by comments and questions) on the role of the poetic arts in society, and Mumin’s legacy to the annals of the Somali literary tradition.131_131

    1. Maryan Omer Ali
    2. Prof. Ahmed Ismail Samatar
    3. Quman Sheikh Mumin
    Moderator: Mohamed Farah, Saqiiro

    Adal Night in Ottawa – featuring cultural celebration and showcase of our youth

    Event Leader: Rashid Abdi Bakal

    Remember the words of Ugas Abdirashid Ugas Roble Ugas Dodi – Charity starts from home and God helps those who help themselves.

    Thank you and God bless you all

    Hassan Abtidon

    ARDAA General Secretary

    Contact: Tel: 647.402.6907 or


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