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  • Madbakh Fund Raising: An Exemplary Success.

    Posted by on June 29, 2009

    madbakh-small Madbakh has concluded yesterday, June 26,2009, the first of one of its multiple drives of fundraising efforts for the Borama Women’s Hospital, in Toronto, in an unprecedented manner in both scope and expectation.  The function happened in accordance with the schedule, with the exception of the unforeseen and overwhelming response from the Somali community in the Greater Toronto Area that showed their support for their fistula stricken sisters and their plight. The crowd grew by the hour and the huge space rented for the purpose grew smaller that it eventually spilled to the outside. The atmosphere was congenial and emotional in the most concise description.  

    Among the distinguished geusts that represented a wide range of the social spectrum including government MPs and presidents of various Organizations, Honourable Jean Augustine who addressed the community stressed the importance of helping the hospital be its immediate need, or its future expansion and research programs. Mr. Khalid Moa’mar, president of the Canadian Arab Federation of Toronto described Halima as a steel person with a deep convincion of this cause who is never worn out by stress or setbacks.

    It is too many to list the names of the other Organizations, but Midaynta, the largest umbrella of the Somali Organizations in Toronto, showed its presence in force.

    The atmosphere was joyous and emotional warmed up by the music and songs emanating from the stage under the direction of Zeinab Laba Dhagax, which was mind soothing and self-refreshing. But I think the top of the evening goes to Daleys whose song made everyone spring to its feet in some hysterical mode. People were dancing around and complimenting each other.

    In the meanwhile, donations were made by the organizations and individuals and a silent auction was running on the sidelines while stifles were played.. Anything comes out of it, will be completely given to the Borama Women’s Hospital.

    This is not the last stroke of Madbakh’s marathon in helping the hospital but it will be an ongoing process.

    I thank everyone who participated in this noble cause, who opened up their hearts and wallets to the plight of those women and staff at the hospital, particularly Jean Augustine, Shukriyo, and Seyrookh. Allah may reward you in double.

    On top of that, Halima Saad has proven herself to be the jewel of Samaron in initiating an exemplary mission.


    Osman Regal



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